Democracy is Size Determined

The questions of government that I have been wrestling with have brought me to the conclusion that not only is democracy as we know it impractical in today’s world, but the concept of electoral democracy is a flawed concept. Democracy is a size-determined system in which the smaller the amount of people that make a democratic decision, the more democratic it is.

This is because within small groups those that are taking part in the democratic process have more of a voice and are, therefore, better able to know the issues that they are voting on.

This also suggests that the larger a democratic process becomes, the less democratic it actually is or even can be. In a world in which people need to be more empowered instead of less, this is a fundamental flaw within democracy which must be addressed.

Democracy, through a system of political representation, has developed into political parties that think that government is really about them and their survival. What we need to show them is that government is really about us the people and that they only exist to serve us.