What makes for a good society?

To be able to maximize our human potential we need to have available to us a public foundation capable of launching our abilities. The best societies are ones in which the individuals within them feel that they are a part of those societies. This would require that the people within these societies be able to buy what is produced, and this would depend on the amount of wages available to spend and the taxes to provide for them. At the core of every just society is a degree of public affluence that provides every person with the opportunity to become what he or she can become.

Societies that are designed to work for all have two basic elements and those are high wages and high taxes. With high wages money is spent.   High taxes would provide everyone with the public affluence that would provide people with the necessary support that would allow them to grow.

At the core of this system would be money flow. Money flow would be provided by wages and taxes. Within this system money is seen as the blood of society. As long as money is being exchanged, the blood of society keeps circulating and society remains healthy. Adding money to the system would allow us to stimulate the economy when needed.

There would be no need to save money because the idea would be to keep spending and that would require high wages and a social security system that would allow them to spend. This social security system would provide the necessary social structure that would give an all encompassing support system that people can rely on to protect them in all situations. This all encompassing support system would also require a high level of taxation to pay for it. This necessary social structure and high levels of taxation would move money between them, which would result in continually stimulating economic activity.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Our current situations here and around the world are showing us that today is more like yesterday than we like to believe. In the past people were expected to subsidize their rulers because their welfare was seen to be all about the interests of the rulers who were seen to be working in the interest of their people. But, of course, the interests of the rulers were never the interests of their people. They used their people’s wealth and blood to enrich themselves at the expense of the people that they always claim to be representing.

Today, have things changed? The rich today are subsidized at the expense of the people. The rich receive tax cuts while the people that created the wealth and whom the system was actually designed to serve loose the security that they worked so hard to achieve. I guess you could say the more things change, the more they stay the same.