Our Global Problems Require Global Solutions

The problems that we are currently experiencing are global in nature, which require a global infrastructure to meet global solutions. We can no longer live in a finite world within political systems based on universal competition. We need to learn to live globally in a sustainable way in which we can grow in a responsible way within the limits provided to us by the natural environment that we all depend on. Global solutions require global institutions designed to deal with them. What I will be presenting in my next series of blogs are ways of creating the global institutions necessary to meet the global problems that we are now facing and that we are going to be increasingly facing in the future.

The Moment for People to Take Control of their Lives is Here

Never in human history has there been a time when the people have been able to take control of their own lives and form for themselves the kinds of societies and political systems that they would wish to live under. Technology and the inability of the nation-state to meet today’s problems has provided mankind with the unique opportunity to for the first time be able to create the kinds of societies that work for us instead of us for them.

For the first time in human history people have available to themselves the means to reorganize society the way that would be good for the people instead of those that rule over them.

Technology has freed us from the constraints of our birth like culture and location. Today we are able to redefine ourselves in global terms. This allows us to transcend our inherited limitations and reinvent ourselves on a global level where we are one with all those that participate at this level.

Global trade has now become the dominant form of trade because it determines all other forms of trade and the internet has allowed us to have a say in this trade and personalize it to meet our individual needs and wants. The internet has created global communities that transcend the boundaries from where they come and created a global community based on the common interests and concerns of people.

These global concerns and interests that people have must be harnessed and organized to meet our common problems on the local level. We must link the local level with the global level and the global level with the local. This would globalize our local conditions and bring them to each other’s attention as well as provide us with the means of globally organizing ourselves to meet our common local problems in a global way.

By thinking differently we will create different results. Therefore, we must rethink ourselves into a new existence. The internet will allow us to begin this process by allowing us to build virtual existences that will allow us to recreate our social and political relationships in new and unforeseen ways.