Elected Political Representation or Political Placation

While the belief in elected political representation sounds noble what it actually is, is a method of politically placating the public, which actually leads to disempowering the public politically instead of empowering them. This political placation is accomplished by having people participate in political rituals, which are exalted as both the reason for the political system as well as the cause of its results.

While the idea of democracy seems inclusive and limitless, in reality it is not only structurally limiting because it is administratively hierarchical, but it is also psychologically hierarchical which allows it to dictate the way that we should and can think of the world and ourselves within it.

Democracy, like all of the political systems before it, is still applied within a hierarchical government structure that defines the nature of the political and social relationships within it. Therefore, even though democracy sounds inclusive, it is never the less, applied in an exclusive manner. This exclusive manner of seeing and organizing ourselves is and has been hierarchical and is, therefore, the only method currently conceivable to us which dictates the nature that the institutions and people that are defined by it have to take. My system of Cosmopoly would change all this.

(pt27) Civil Accounts

(1c) Civil Markets…

Civil markets would be established when consumer and provider specialized civil trustees would issue civil accounts to their respective civil clients to meet their personal needs and wants. Consumer and provider specialized civil trustees would bring their own civil clients together with one another in order to form them into civil markets for them to choose each other’s services and needs from.

The consumers and providers of each need and want would be given their own civil accounts to do their business through. This would result in creating a civil market for each public need and want. A civil market would bring together all those that would be involved with the consumption and production of a given product.

Each civil market would actually consist of the exchanges made between the consumer and provider civil account holders for each of their common needs and wants.  Conducting exchanges through their own civil accounts would allow every common need and want of the public to be independently managed. The civil accounts that each person would have would provide him or her with their own personalized government that would be managed for them by their own specialized civil trustees.

(pt4) Taking our Country Back

In order too break the monopoly of power that traditional government systems and now corporations have had, the people must take their country back.

In order to achieve this new system of government, a new form of government would have to be formed differently. The solution to corporate and government excesses would be to provide ourselves with a system of government support that could protect us.

This new form of government would have to provide the same kind of services, only in a more individual way. In order to provide for systems of government that are more accountable and responsible to those that they serve, we will have to allow people to manage their own needs and wants.   The core of taking our country back would be to provide the public with a means of self-governing themselves by supplying people with the means of collectively and in an individual way providing for their own needs.

This entrusted environment would be provided within a series of consumption oriented civil trusts designed to empower the consumers of the social products of society in a collective way.  Consumption oriented civil trusts would allow the individual to do the actual consuming. Through the individual forms of consumption of each person the people in a collective way would have real collective power over the corporations that they would do business with.  All of the members of a civil trust would have a collective effect on the corporations that would give the consumers the power to determine what they wanted to have provided to them and how.

Public Defined Government

Imagine a world in which government would be the result of tailoring itself to the needs and wants of the people that they served. This is not an unachievable utopian vision but actually a vision that is not only achievable but actually inevitable.

If we are going to be able to efficiently interact with one another as well as the natural environment that we all depend on then we will need someone hired by people and therefore would be at their disposal when we needed them and that we could go to for help when we needed it.

By giving each of us a personal government representative that we could go to for our government services and that would be able to represent us personally at every level of government would have to empower us personally. It would do this by allowing us to act in a free and individual manner that would permit us to pursue our personal aspirations without fear of persecution.