Time for a Change

Because of change, modern society in terms of its political and economic structure has become dysfunctional. The interests of those that control the power of the nation-state has become its liability. Because they see their own interests in national terms, the political elites would first save themselves in a effort to save what they see as the best of the nation.

In order to remain relevant, nation-states have provided the corporate sector with the natural resources and labor as well as market for the disposal of their products. Because people feel that they are not receiving from government what they voted for, people everywhere are frustrated with their political establishment and its lack of effectiveness.

People feel alienated in a system in which they see themselves as being powerless over their own lives and at the mercy of those that they have elected into office. In the face of global events, the old structures appear powerless and seem to have lost their effectiveness in a world that is mainly dictated by economic interests.

The global problems that we are now facing are all the result of the nation-state system’s inability to control global events. In fact the nation-state system is being controlled by the global events of their own making. The corporate institutions, made possible by the nation-state now determines the paths that the nation-state must follow.

Today they not only provide use with what we have to consume, they also provide us with our employment. It is the corporate sector that determines how we will live or if we should die. Their property rights have trumped our human rights. Humanity and our natural environment have become mere resources to be exploited for profit and personal gain.

Our nation-state system has led us into an era of neo-corporativism in which corporations determine our future and the desires of the few dictate the lives of the many.

If we are to determine our own development, then we need to take control of it ourselves. We need to be the ones that determine what kinds of institutions develop based on our need for them. In other words societies of the future must be based on the needs of the public that they serve.