[x] From Personalized Entrusted Governments to Collective Entrusted Governments

Within Cooperativism each person would have their own personalized entrusted government designed to deal directly with their personal concerns. This personalized entrusted government would entrust a person to many different civil trusts at the same time for their various personal turned common needs, wants, interests and concerns that they would share with others. Each person’s hired personal civil trustee would connect them with the various consumer and provider specialized civil trustees. Each person would then hire them to provide them with the products that they would require to meet their various needs, wants, interests, and concerns.

As a result of the social consumption patterns of each person’s personalized entrusted government, their shared common needs and wants with others would result in determining what kind of entrusted governments would develop. The entrusted government system would be constructed of various forms of social entrustment from personal to collective. This would make our personal entrustment with one another into our collective entrustments with each other making them the institutions of entrusted society.

Determining the Nature of our Governments

We must determine the nature of our governments instead of our governments determining our natures. Therefore, we must begin to reorganize ourselves according to our common needs and wants. The problems that we have in common must determine the kinds of governments and services that we get. Governments must reflect our common concerns and interests.   In order to be able to determine the course that our governments will have to take, we need to be able to organize it according to our own needs.