What Is Globalization

I will begin my global presentation by stating that each age is a reflection of its own time and globalization is no different.

For the first time in history our global problems have outstripped our national problems as a result of globalization.

The Economist magazine has called globalization “the most abused word of the 21st century.” No word in recent memory has meant so many things to different people. Some see it as a form of domination by transnational institutions that can only lead to a new kind of chaos. Others see it as a form of nirvana, a blessed state of universal peace and prosperity.

Since its first appearance in 1962 the term ‘globalization’ has gone from jargon to cliché. Globalization as defined by Webster’s dictionary, is “a process that renders various activities and aspirations worldwide in scope or application.”

Globalization Is Bringing Us Altogether

What I would like to present in my next group of blogs is the idea of globalism. The twentieth century has been the century that has brought the world closer together. Radio, moves, television and now the Internet have given the world an increasing common identity that has provided us with personal experiences that we can all identify with.  This global personal identity has been increased by the common global problems that we are all experiencing.

From the beginning of human history each age has been a reflection of the problems that formed it. Today is no exception. The problems that we are encountering today are global in nature and, therefore, require global solutions to resolve them. Achieving a global solution will herald in a new global world in which we will come to see that we are all members of a common human family with a common destiny that will lead us all. My up coming blogs will deal with this new globalization process and how we have come to this point as well as where it will take us.

Global Awareness

This year is the year of change. The global 99% movement and the Wall Street occupation movement as well as the other occupation movements have given us a global awareness that has ignited a call for global freedom and change that cannot be stopped.  We are coming to see that our common human problems are showing us that we are all members of the same human race with the same human conditions. This has provided us with a global awareness in which we see our growing similarities eclipse our perceived national and ethnic differences.

Beginning a New Era or Returning to an Old One

The G-20 in London has shown that the multi headed hydra of nationalism is underneath the covers of global cooperation. Will the world come together or will it fly apart and revert to the protectionist ways of the past? Is this the beginning of a new era or a return to an old one?

Our global Point of No Return

We are just coming off of the most meteoric rise in global living standards in the history of humankind. It has been a rollercoaster ride that left us shell-shocked and our natural environment devastated. Our current financial collapse has shown us how interdependent we have now become.

We have come to realize that our national welfare is inextricably linked to the welfare of the globe making our human destiny and the destiny of our planet interlinked. 

Our current globalized national market system has failed us. Yet global trade has shown us that we are a market for each other’s products. We now have a better understanding of one another than we ever had in the past.

What we, therefore, now need is a new market system, one that can transcend the problems that the old one had and deliver our products to us in a managed way that we could rely on.