[x] parallel government system for restaurant industry

An example of providing an entrusted parallel government system for only a single product would be when the owner of a restaurant would hire a social entrepreneur to create and maintain a business environment for them to grow in. Within the restaurant industry a social entrepreneur would bring together the consumers with their providers. They would contact the consumer oriented social entrepreneurs that would represent the dinning public and could provide the restaurant with its patrons.

They would also supply the inventory needed to keep their restaurant going by contacting the farm oriented social entrepreneur that could provide them with the inventory that they would need. Through their own farm oriented social entrepreneur, farmers would be able to contact the restaurants that needed their products and offer them to the restaurant for them to choose from.

The social entrepreneurs for the restaurant owner, the farmers that would provide them with their inventory and the patrons that would patronize the restaurant would then come together to determine the best business arrangement between them. Together they would decide how much they would each have to provide in order to have the discount that they would wish to receive based on how many times the patrons would have to patronize the restaurant over a given time.