A Book that can Change the World

In my forthcoming blogs I will present an introduction to my book entitled “Cosmopoly”. My blogs will give an understanding of some of the ideas that I will present within it. It will provide a new philosophical system that I hope will make a better world by bringing us all together.

“Cosmopoly” will be the presentation of a revolutionary political system that I believe will not only change the way that we do things but also how we see ourselves. It will help us see ourselves in terms of our human similarities which I believe will contribute to us seeing past our national differences and create a new vision of ourselves that we can all share in and create a better world from. 

The beginning of a new era

Every era of change is a result of the inability of the proceeding era to deal with the new conditions that they encountered. Today is no exception. The issues that we face today are global in nature, which has transcended our national institutions capabilities to effectively deal with them.

Because our existing governments are the only governments available to us, we are forced to use them to deal with the global problems that we now face. But because they are all nationally based, they are not designed to deal with our common global problems, which will increasingly be the case in the future and are therefore doomed to failure.