Portrait of Artist’s Father

Bertrand Russel

Solid Dimension

Bust of Clinton

Cubic Space

Planes In Flight

Nothing Lasts Forever

Art and a Green Economy

Art can be used to promote a green economy. Art can be used economically by providing us with a means of reinventing ourselves carbon free. Art in the form of performances and exhibitions and the like can be used to generate economic activity.

That could be used as a foundation upon which to grow a larger economy. Art could be used to provide a cottage industry of various works of art that could provide for a local economy that would be able to supply a foundation upon which an extended economy could develop.

Art as Commodity

Because of the nature of the art industry, art has become a commodity. And like a commodity, it is in constant search for something new and different to offer the public. Today because of our market orientated society one of the problems is that we tend to see everything as a commodity and art is no exception.

Art is the most Personal form of human Expression

Art allows people to express themselves in their own way. This is what makes art so fundamentally gratifying to all those that religiously pursue it.

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