Personal Statement

While I will be presenting many different ideas and concepts that I feel will be of interest to my readers I will particularly focus on a new political and philosophical theory that I have developed and hope will provide us with a new understanding of ourselves that will pave the way for us to tap into the many capabilities that I believe we have to offer one another.

A dream is a seed that predicts the future by showing us what can be if we wish it to be and act accordingly. The core of my quest for human freedom and universal rights began with a dream that I had on New Years Eve in my apartment in West Berlin. When I awoke on New Years Day 1971, I arose from the most vivid dream I have ever had. In this dream there was a woman preparing to leave New York City for a posting in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She was at a simple kiosk in the middle of the city, closing not only her personal financial and utility accounts but also her citizenship and then simply re-establishing them in Sao Palo, where everything that she wished for was arranged for her before she even arrived.

Instantly I was in the grips of a clarity that completely overwhelmed me in which I was able to see the world as it could be if we could only envision it as such. Since then it has been my mission to create the vision that inspired me, and to make it available to all in order to make it their vision as well.

In search of the things that my quest would require, I developed an instant interest in a wide range of subjects, in order to form a better understanding of the world and how it works. This required that I develop a greater understanding of the creative nature used to harness our social capabilities in the development of human societies and how they affected us to do the things that we did. This needed a totally new way of approaching human history that explained it according to our similarities instead of our differences.

Therefore, I needed to see the world as a whole and myself as an extension of it. Only from this viewpoint can one see the world for what it really is and seeing us humans as a natural part of it.  This, therefore, makes me someone who sees the world in a global way and believes that because we are physically interrelated with the natural environment, we owe it our natural allegiance and protection.

I see the world in a state of constant transition with nation states being only the most recent form of governance. Today the nation state system is also in a state of transition as it is gradually being replaced by a new transnational understanding of itself in the world.  I believe that today’s transitional phase is heading us toward a planetary system. The only question is whether we develop one in which we are ruled by the powerful few that have the means of dominating society, or one in which we will both be able to freely unite with one another on a planetary level as well as be able to free ourselves from the dictates of those that wish to dominate us. These are just some of the problems that I will be addressing in my blogs.