Redefining the Word Market

The problems that we face are not just structural but also perceptual.

Within my forthcoming, “Cosmopoly”, I describe the true nature of a market that takes the word “market” back from those that have bastardized it by using it as an excuse to cover-up their nefarious acts and crooked dealings.

A true market is about accountability and responsibility as well as providing us with what we expect from the relationships that we create.

In “Cosmopoly” a true market will be shown to be what a market really is and that is a cooperative undertaking in which market relationships would be formed based on the mutual satisfaction of those involved.

“Cosmopoly” will show that a true market is not about cheating the other person, but instead it is about providing the other person with what they entered the market relationship for.


6 Responses to “Redefining the Word Market”
  1. Thomas Burlew says:

    Absolutely. A free market was designed to satisfy the needs for goods and services. However, the true motivation for a market was to provide an arena where one could sell their goods and services. When a group of people that need food come together, you don’t have anything except hungry people. But when a group of merchants come together you have a market. The market would never have been established unless there was a desire to make profit off their work. A farmer works all season to crop corn, then goes to the market to sell it. His desire will be to sell his corn at such a price as to not only help him survive the season, but also to work less next season because he had some money left over. These individual motivations are what gave us the market to begin with, and what keeps it going today. So, understand please, that someone who seeks profit for his family, will find it hard to take less money than he knows he can get, all for the greater good.

  2. Sue Willett says:

    Wow. Those Wall street nefarious acts and crooked dealings are sure coming home to roost now. I agree that that they should be held accountable, and hope that they are. The American people have been in a strangle hold and they are finally saying enough. It reminds me of when a jury overrides what the law is and comes back with a verdict based on their beliefs instead. Americans of both sides of the political spectrum and from across socio-economic divides, are commiting almost a group sit-in- country wide-civil disobedience. From defaulting on upended mortgages to taking over factories. It’ll be interesting to see what develops, as long as the notoriously short attention span of the American people is held. Of course, they might miss their reality TV, so don’t expect it to last.

  3. Doris Silvana Reyes says:

    The perception of the world, at this time, in many aspects of the society had been affected for the lost of the real meanings of the social concepts. But ones again i blame the human being nature for that, it is his way to persist in the world, his instincts to survive. The concepts are the intent of the man to create a better society, but is just words, the feelings of man on himself get him back to deteriorated what one time he created.

  4. Steve says:

    Thats it? Don’t leave us hanging! Give us more!

  5. calvin montano says:

    A true market would be the best idea to have. But in the world we live in now, it seems like it would be really tough to construct and substain. The reason is because nowadays, people in market just seem to live by the principles of making money and doing it in anway possible; some people don’t care if they hurt others, cheat, steal, or anything; they just wanna get their way and really don’t care of anyone else. If cosmolopy went into effect, this would bring better relationships amongst others and would build one of the most important factors of market: Trust.

  6. Marleigh Green says:

    Many members of modern society seem to share the opinion that it is in human nature to betray, cheat, lie, and steal from others. Regardless of what any individual believes, this is an aspect of the world that we live in. We are given advice to avoid modern scams, stemming from a shady card game to simply opening an email from an unknown sender. Yet, we all still find ourselves being tricked eventually, whether we were taught every trick in the book or nothing at all. The system you are proposing would be the only way for us to breathe easily, and live without so many suspicions. Doesn’t fear often cause us to become crooks ourselves? I personally hope to one day reside in a society that does not encourage the ideology of kill or be killed.

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