What is Cosmopoly?

Cosmopoly is a word that I created from the word cosmopolitan, which was an ancient Greek term meaning worldly or a citizen of the world. Therefore, Cosmopoly means living in a cosmopolitan world in which each person is a true citizen of the world because they live in a cosmopolitan state of existence that encompasses all and takes them beyond their national limitations.


What is Cosmopoly? It is a way to ultimate freedom based on mutual responsibility and respect. It is a way of seeing ourselves and living within the world that makes us feel that we are one with it.


I envision a state of Cosmopoly that would be based on ones individual freedom through maintaining a collective responsibility to each other. Cosmopoly would be a state of personal existence in which each person of society would be expected to think for themselves as well as take personal responsibility for the various societies that they would support.


I show how today because of the results of globalization we have increasingly formed a Cosmopoly of free thinkers that are redefining their own existences in global terms, that allow them to transcend beyond their national identities and see the world with new eyes.


Therefore, Cosmopoly is about the creation of a cosmopolitan world based on individual freedom of choice coupled with a collective responsibility to each other. My ultimate goal is to create a Cosmopoly that will show us that we really are individuals with a responsibility to live within a cooperative existence where we share the world with each other as well as with the natural environment. 


4 Responses to “What is Cosmopoly?”
  1. Thomas Burlew says:

    I like the idea of a Cosmopoly. In fact, I applaud the reference to life with a cooperative existence. What I belive the author is forgetting, is that we already live in a cooperative existence. Our Constitution provides the rights to fully interact with one another. And what do we see fit to do? We hike up the prices, we increase the margin, we convince eachother to invests in ideas that are not fully thought out, and we separate the haves and the have nots. One example of separatism is Gated Communities. That is what the residents think of the rest of their society, is that they need searation. So, while agree with the notion, I move that if we will ever achieve this ideal, that we must look inside ourselves and decide what we really want. I suspect that we all want it all, thus our competetive society lives on.

  2. Jeremy Lutz says:

    Five years ago I would have believed this idea to be utter fantasy but with the flatness the internet has created and the means for anyone to express themselves to the world through it, it could very well become possible for cosmopoly to become true. For my sake, your sake and the worlds sake I trully hope that at least some version of cosmopoly is adopted in the up and coming years. I am personally looking forward to the changes we will encounter with Obama for I trully believe he is the first President in a long time that will begin the initiation of change in our country. A change that is direly needed.

  3. Doris Silvana Reyes says:

    I am not a believer of the globalization, for me the response is work in small circles, organized a little society that can work for themselves in every aspect, a way of control that can give to them freedom, whit the globalization the control get loss and with that the guaranties of success, it is nice to think in a world revolution of thinking but is the human who corrupt the system and if it is involve in a major group, the probabilities of fail are bigger.

  4. Steve says:

    When you write…

    “…would be expected to think for themselves as well as take personal responsibility for the various societies that they would support.”

    Does this mean that I would be punished for the actions of the societies that I’m involved in. Could I be fined, imprisoned, put to death for the acts of those that I hire, put in my place, etc. If this is the case then do I get to act in a “self policing” manner (vigilante seems to vulgar)if I feel that members of my society are straying from their duties.

    In which case I ask.

    Who watches the watchmen?

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