A Diploma that Grows with the Holder

The educational problems that we face today have resulted in only 50% of high school graduates actually receiving a diploma and an increasingly disaffected teacher corps as well as dissatisfied parents. The growing number of young people that are not receiving a high school diploma has reached crises proportion. In a time when the need for an ever-increasing level of education has become a must, our current system of diploma granting is left sorely lacking.


In an era of increasing need for continuing education just to keep up with the changing needs that the challenges of tomorrow with bring, we need a totally new form of diploma granting system. This system must be one that could tailor itself to the needs of the students that would be receiving them.  Since it is better to have a diploma than not, every student should receive some degree of diploma that they could then augment over their lifetime.


Because of our increasing drop-out rate and if we are going to provide those students that have fallen behind and need an avenue back into the mainstream or those that just want to a career improvement to be able to successfully achieve their goals, we need to provide everyone with a diploma that they can personally build on, it is paramount that we create a new type of resume diploma that can meet everyone’s needs


These new diplomas I call resume diplomas because they would be able to grow with the holder. This way a resume diploma would be able to stand for so much more then successfully completing a set of courses although it should also include it.  It would also show a person’s overall capabilities that would change as they go through life.


Resume diplomas would actually better reflect the actual overall capabilities of the holder then a standard diploma would, that my have been granted many years ago. Resume diplomas would be modeled diplomas that would be designed to reflect not only each person’s capabilities but also their possibilities.


Instead of each student having to be judge by a single standard, a resume diploma granting system would be one that could be issued according to the accomplishments and capabilities of the holder’s academic achievements and experience. This would create a diploma system that could be issued for a variety of criteria allowing resume diplomas to be tailored to the accomplishments of the holder.


3 Responses to “A Diploma that Grows with the Holder”
  1. Patricia Chavez says:

    If a system like this was created there would be more successful students. The accomplishments of the individual would serve as a self motivator. Instead of having to fit into a standardized criteria one would be able to take their strengths and utilize them to their best potential.

  2. Osama Shahzad says:

    Your idea of a “resume” like diploma is truly fascinating. A lot of the time, in a professional atmosphere, an individuals “street smarts” are not considered part of his or her talents. With a “resume” diploma this would be possible, and a person could not only have a degree in BioChemistry but could also be a certified relief aid worker and a published poet. This also brings to mind the problem of the SAT. It has been proven, yes proven, that the SAT really doesn’t test high school kids for real world knowledge. Rather, it is used to filter the dumber test takers out of the system. Small problems like this plague the current system and I hope in the future, progressive minds are able to make a change to ultimately sculpt the world to be a better place than it is now.

  3. Marina Sek says:

    A huge contributor to the graduation crisis is simly the quality of education available within the public system. This is includes educators who probably should never have become teachers in the first place. We recently heard of a local teacher from Burbank who was awarded a Presidential award for excellence. Unfortunately, we don’t hear that as often as we should. Good, outstanding educators should not be the expception but rather the standard. The other major contributor is the lack of involvement from family members at home, namely parents. Parents need to understand that whether by choice or not, they have a vested interest in the ultimate outcome of their child’s education.

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