Specific Government vs. General government

Historically there have only been general forms of governments, which have been one-size-fits-all forms of government where one form of government based on territorial jurisdiction dominates the entire system. This has left general forms of government with the same flaw, which is that it has allowed the powerful elements within society to also dominate and therefore, dictate what the government should be and whom it should be for. Therefore, historically this has resulted in our local, regional and national forms of government being bought and sold by the money interests of society. This is why people everywhere are now fed-up with their current forms of government that either cannot or will not work on their behalf.

What we need is a new level of specific form of personalized government, one that is directly responsible to the people that it represents. It must also be a personalized form of government, one that is receptive to the individual and collective needs of the people. These new forms of specific governments would be the personalized forms of government that the people would form among themselves. They would be under the direct control of those people that it was designed to politically represent.  It would act like a liaison government between the individual and the various city, county, state and federal governments that he or she would be living under.


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  1. Daniel Khalfin says:

    Daniel Khalfin
    Art 101
    Section 7645
    Pierce College

    I agree with the first part of the article, because it’s quite evident how the government is manipulated each and every day. Money rules all but especially the government, the rich essentially decide what the government says, acts and does. The government is mainly at fault for this because of the way they have set up and allowed society to be. Overall I’m not sure what new form of government we need but the one thats in power right now is way to corrupt.

  2. Roy Posner says:

    The great American experiment was supposed to address this very exact interest. Originally each state sought to govern themselves and even extend their own currencies. The issue that resulted was conflict between neighboring states and economically unstable climate for trade. While some form of that still exists today, it is limited by a single government for purposes of arbitration and conflict of interests and trade.

  3. Clairissa Barker says:

    I agree completely that there is much wrong with the government today. I also think that these political parties are a “one-size-fits-all” type situation and there leaders get persuaded based upon money. The thought of starting all over with a government system is only a dream these days because the focus is not truly the people of the country or state or city to the leader, in the end its all about money. Unless the people come together to overturn these injustices, which is very possible, it will remain how it has since the beginning of the creation of government.

  4. Paula Gonzalez says:

    Art 101
    I agree. Government has become so uniform that we no longer feel a connection to those who are elected to represent us. We need an inovative form of goverment that will connect us back to those who govern instead of having a constant battle to abtain resources desperately sought for.

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