The Need For A New Kind Of Thinking

Today there are many new problems the world is encountering that we don’t have any ready answers for. Only with new thinking will we be able to meet the challenges that we are currently living through as well as the ones that we will encounter in the future. My website is dedicated to exploring ways of resolving the unique problems that we are currently encountering.

Within it I will be discussing many different topics, among them ways that I feel will help resolve the problems that we are encountering.  The thoughts that I will be presenting will be based around my new idea of political entrustment that I believe will provide us with a new way of both seeing and organizing ourselves. My blogs will be showing ways that I believe that the ideas contained within political entrustment would allow us to not only help us better understand our predicament but also provide us with new ways of resolving them.


One Response to “The Need For A New Kind Of Thinking”
  1. We need more websites like this that encourages ideas to be made. Both in a political sense and an artistic sense. You did say that you did update here for so long but there is just so much to explore here. Even though I hate politics with a passion since there are so many flaws in this economy that it can beat the number of people who can fit in the Rose Bowl. As an artist myself, I find it as an escape to every day life, so I write and when the news worries me, I write a story chapter.

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