A Tribute to Barack Obama

We are entering uncharted seas that will require not only a steady hand but also an imaginative mind. President Elect Barack Obama seems to have the qualities of mind and sprit needed during these perilous times. He has shown himself to be the eye of the storm when all around him is in chaos. 


5 Responses to “A Tribute to Barack Obama”
  1. Kevin Tan says:

    As historic as this turn of events is, there is a a sense of apprehension stirring in some. Many are expecting so much from our new President that he has an almost messianic reputation in the eyes of some; surely he has the competence to bring our country out of these dark times, but the change he wants to bring to this country is no different from any change the country has experienced before.

    Change comes slowly, so slow that most barely even notice it. Take the Rennaissance for example; while the influence of the Greek and Roman classics are impossible to ignore, men still did battle over the same issues as their forerunners.

  2. bita ranjbarisisan says:

    yes i believe that he can bring in change because he is diffrent than any other president he is almost seen as a super hero in the eyes of many he is a phenomenol and amazing example of hope, change, is possible.

  3. Miguel Narciso (Art 102) says:

    While President Obama brings a fresh face and vision to the American public, people must realize that change will take time to rejuvenate America especially the economical section. “Easy comes easy goes”. Something worth having takes time to earn through hard work, patience, and an open mind to learning a more efficient approach. Regardless of whom the new president would’ve taken office, the individual would still have a mountain to climb in regards to helping America become an economic powerhouse once again. People must stop with the whole “microwave” mentality that any major issue can be solved with just a click of a button.

  4. Lilit Akilian says:

    Yes he has. But I think we’re giving him too much credit. He hasn’t really done anything yet, and like the comment above me says, “change takes time”. We have to let him prove himself before believing he is the answer to all of our problems. Maybe he is… but let’s see what he’s all about and if he’s going to keep his promises. (Troops in Iraq).

    I’m all for Obama though, don’t get me wrong but we jus have to wait and let time do its thing.

  5. melissa naimi says:

    Change does take time, so i believe. Although, President Obama has been in office for quite some time, many americans believe that he has not come very far. Judgement aside, change takes time, it is never an immediate result , so i am still waiting to see what the president has up his sleeves. with this economy, i can understand why it might be taking him longer to find an easy way out.

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