Back Again And Better

Back Again and Better

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First I would like to excuse myself for my long absence. Medical problems and a push to complete my book is what prevented me from my regular blogging.

What I want to begin with is both a continuation of my past blogs and a new way of describing my new political, social and economic system that I feel will give my readers a better understanding of it. I will be giving my opinion on issues of concern to me as well as on news events of interest to me.

I will also be responding as much as time allows on comments made on my blogs. I hope that you will find my new format and direct participation of greater interest.

I’m looking forward to be hearing from you!


One Response to “Back Again And Better”
  1. Cassandra Oliphant says:

    This blog is like a museum within itself! I love it. Here, you encourage new ways of thinking and triggers our point of view of our own government. Also art is an important thing to have in this day and age. Our own economy, (despite how awful it is right now. I hope it heals slightly at some point.) would not be in existence without a thought or an idea of how an economy should be, or a society…. None of it can be without art.

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