Global Corporate Domination (part 6)

The national institutions that, we the people, depend on both publicly and privately are now in a global situation where they are either unwilling or incapable of protecting the interests of their workers or the people. Today our governments and institutions are unable to provide us with the traditional sense of national security that we have come to expect, any more than they can provide it for themselves.


3 Responses to “Global Corporate Domination (part 6)”
  1. Avinash Dayal says:

    The politicians have misused the funds that should have been protected to serve the interests of the people. It’s a pity that institutions like the social security that generations have paid into will be bankrupt.

  2. Justin Ibarra says:

    Most common people do not understand globalization and it’s effects. As a consumer, the common man is interested in getting the best value for his money. As a national citizen, the same common man prefers to protect the economy of his country and as a human being, he would demand to protect his right. The difficulty is to balance all of these three factors evenly.

  3. Roy Posner says:

    The lack of consequence in government practices plays a part in the growing ineptitude of Government. As we’ve seen lately with the recent cut backs on government programs. Cutbacks were strategically placed on flights so that it would generate delays. This effected congressmen wanting to go home so immediately afterward they resolved to fix only that issue. Security is a measure they do not have to worry about unless it recurring their pay check.

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