Global Corporate Domination (part 5)

Today it is the global market that rules the actions of nation states, which are now all at the whim of global forces beyond their control. The globalization process has made us the handmaidens of the corporations that we are forced to do business with and that we have no direct control over because we both consume as well as work for them. This has also permitted corporations to give and take jobs at will, which has allowed them to direct the course that the people and their societies will have to take.


5 Responses to “Global Corporate Domination (part 5)”
  1. Hank Petersen says:

    Whoever has the money, has the power. Thats the way it has always been, and most likely the way it always will be.

  2. Matthew Solis says:

    Corporations have become an entity separate from any one country or individual opinion. They are now collective groups that strive for success and success only,success in this case being profit and efficiency. Their influence on their consumers and work force is significant, as a corporation’s decisions can affect them dramatically, from higher prices to layoffs. Corporations, however, are not concerned with their consumers or work force. Corporations only are concerned with sales and production. Job losses, poor working conditions, pollution, higher consumer prices: to a corporation, it is all irrelevant. Now a method to increase profit, on the other hand..

  3. Avinash Dayal says:

    It is true that the global forces of economy affect almost every person today. For example an American company with Indian software and German machines use Chinese work labor force that require Filipino raw materials and export the final product to Europe. Any negative impact on any of these nations would directly affect all the countries involved.

  4. Timothy Shparo says:

    Capitalism holds a higher place on the shelf of the world than does transcendentalism, and due to this, our continuity (economically and social) depend on our corporate status. Dependent on the people or not, business is the foundation of America. But in a way, it makes the United States a global hero, in a way. Though it gives us a global super power authority it does however diminish our judgement. If we as a nation have learned anything from the economic collapse of 2008, it is that businesses de-regulation (be it Reaganomics or Laize-Fair economics) have hinted at the fact that government should be as much a part of the corporate structure as business are.

  5. Roy Posner says:

    Unfortunately global economic interests trump the needs of a single country. Given America’s role in regulating balance in currency we’ve had underwhelming structural safeguards. In formalizing treaty there has been little to no resolve in equalizing the playing field. Support has given weigh to the interests of any individual rights in what we would regard a free market institution.

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