Global Corporate Domination (part 4)

The greed and short sightedness of corporations has broken the national covenant between themselves and the people as the corporations have come to the realization that the interests of their so called national corporations that they work for and buy from are not one and the same as their own. Today the people have come to the realization that our personal needs and the needs of the corporations that we work for and buy from are not one and the same.


5 Responses to “Global Corporate Domination (part 4)”
  1. Matthew Solis says:

    There was, if one can believe, a time in history when firms severed the individual, the community, the needs of society. That time has passed, and in our contemporary society profit and efficiency have become the most important concerns for a corporation. Corporations provide goods to society to gain profit more than they do to support the community. Individuals and communities may ask for specific goods or conditions, but if they do not aid in the profit and efficiency of a corporation, they are ignored. An example would be a work force demanding higher wages. The corporation will contemplate the possible solutions and outcomes, and will choose the option they find least harmful to their profit and efficiency. The corporation could give their work force higher wages or discharge them all and find a work force elsewhere. It does not matter that thousands of individuals would lose their source of income: if the corporation benefits, that is all that matters.

  2. Avinash Dayal says:

    Most common people do not understand globalization and it’s effects. As a consumer, the common man is interested in getting the best value for his money. As a national citizen, the same common man prefers to protect the economy of his country and as a human being, he would demand to protect his right. The difficulty is to balance all of these three factors evenly.

  3. Muhammad Inshal Khan says:

    Greed is just another part of a modern human being. Every consumer wants the best for less money. Everyone wants the top value for every dollar spent, but if one was on the corporation side, you would want as much as you can get for even your lowest quality product. The problem lies in between these two lines drawn by a modern consumer who’s out looking for the highest quality product for every dollar he spends on it, and the corporation, who wish for are out looking for the top dollar for their lowest quality products offered.

  4. Justin Ibarra says:

    Corporations should not be allowed to take away american jobs just to save a small amount of money. They make billions of dollars as it is.

  5. Roy Posner says:

    In recent years our belief that a corporation can be too big to fail is mostly fault due to lobbying interests. They not only have personally the ear of our policy makers but also control the news, and market their ideas to the people often citing unreasonable embellishments of freedom and democracy in justification of their cause. There is no consequence for fraud or incompetence as all of these actions are behind closed doors and anonymous. While certainly the deconstruction of certain industries would lead to drastic results, individual consequence is not questioned within these systems and is never addressed.

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