Global Corporate Domination (part 3)

Globalization has also created systemic changes within society as well as ourselves that will forever change the way that we will see our relationship with the corporations that eliminate our jobs and destroy our lives according to their profit needs instead of ours. The shifting of jobs from the high wage north to the low wage south to the many layoffs that have resulted because of the movement of corporations to less developed markets has brought into question the legitimacy of our current government’s ability to effectively protect their peoples’ interests and welfare from corporate domination and even abuse.


5 Responses to “Global Corporate Domination (part 3)”
  1. Robert Tang says:

    i agree the corporations only care about their money and themselves and whatever happens to everyone else is not the corporations problem

  2. Hank Petersen says:

    Corporations should not be allowed to take away american jobs just to save a small amount of money. They make billions of dollars as it is.

  3. Matthew Solis says:

    The American Industrial Revolution began this trend in the late eighteenth century into the nineteenth century, with the growing importance of technology and efficiency and the declining importance of the individual worker. This trend has gradually grown through time, to the point where corporations are more concerned with profit and efficiency than they are with the safety and conditions of their work force. Politicians try to combat this problem with regulation and legislation in favor of the work force, but corporations counter-act these measures by offshoring, i.e. the relocation of a firm from one country to another, often a country with less severe regulation. This leaves politicians with a catch-22 of sorts: they can either support the individual worker and face corporate counter-measures, often leading to social and economical turmoil, or support the corporations and face the abuse and exploitation of the individual worker.

  4. Justin Ibarra says:

    Do we not live in an environment where only the higher officials have a say in what goes on? The people who get a say in anything only look out for what is beneficial for them. Its sad, but its the truth.

  5. Roy Posner says:

    Wage and work is given to the credence of demand and profit margins. Ultimately it is the consumer that dictates the action of employment but not in wage earnings. Government plays little to know role in the internal role of corporations but can externally address the concerns of the people when necessary. During the Roosevelt administration, Teddy went through a lot of trouble and even threatened a take over of mining operations in order to maintain the growth of the economy. The extent of that was a necessary reaction to the looming threat of economic downfall.

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