Global Corporate Domination (part 2)

People have been placed in a position where we must accept the economic and political decisions that corporations have made concerning our lives. Our governments like us, their people, are now beholden to the business interests that define both our economic potential and the social welfare of our society, as well as the health of the natural environment on which we all depend.


3 Responses to “Global Corporate Domination (part 2)”
  1. Avinash Dayal says:

    It’s true that businesses have become too big for the good of the people. Big companies wield so much power, that they dictate policies to the politicians.

  2. Justin Ibarra says:

    Avinash is right, business really have become too big for the people in society, they create so much power that they control the outcomes in out government. They have a greater voice than the people.

  3. Roy Posner says:

    Licensing has been of major concern by the Government. They license us to drive, to marry to dig, to build to have and maintain a business. This is done in an effort to tax and regulate affairs, restrict unsafe measures at the request of the people. Unfortunately these actions aren’t true in other parts of the world and often we feel the effects of their misappropriations and irresponsible civic and environmental behaviors.

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