Global Corporate Domination (part 1)

The first phase of this globalization process has placed us at the mercy of corporations where we must accept the economic and political decisions they make in their own interests, yet also determine our own personal and social health and welfare as well as that of our natural environment. This globalization process has also given us a corporate world that has placed us at the mercy of corporations that we have no direct political control over.


13 Responses to “Global Corporate Domination (part 1)”
  1. Robert Tang says:

    corporations make and break this world

  2. Marina Sek says:

    Corporations are businesses, and as such, ir in business to make money. It is the case then, that coporation will always consdier their interests, and their bottom line, above those of the people they serve. Moreover, governmantrs at both the state and federal level will often times time provide them with the legal ability to bend the rules in the name of corprorate profit.

  3. Marina Sek says:

    Stricter oversight should be set in place to ensure that coroporations are always acting in the best interest of the public they serve and the environment they impact and not always their profit margins. Corporations should be held accountable to ensure they are serving the greater good.

  4. Dale Tager says:

    Big corporations are something we cannot live with, yet cannot live without. They drive our economy, jobs, etc. yet their power does get out of control. Throughout our history, our government has battled with monopolies and, in many case, battled in vain. Their control of our natural resources puts the world in great danger, for they consider their personal interests before the interests of the planet.

  5. Matthew Solis says:

    Corporations have become standard in our modern society today. Most goods we consume come from corporations, and without them our society would fail to function properly. That is precisely the reason why they have such a strong influence and seem to have carte blanche in every aspect of their activity. Corporations understand that they are essential to society, and therefore have manipulative power to sway aspects of society in their favor. The environment would be an excellent example of said situation. Politicians understand that the environment is essential to protect, but also understand that corporations are essential to society. Corporations provide employment, revenue, and goods to society, but also contribute to pollution and deforestation. Politicians must then decide what they deem more important: the environment of the stability of our society and economy (Did I mention the persistent lobbying of corporations also plays a significant role in their decision?). It truly comes down to the general idea that corporations have become so important to society that they can influence society far greater than an individual can, unfortunately.

  6. Avinash Dayal says:

    This is very true a simple example is that of big oil companies that dictate the world order. These powerful companies yield so much power that they can indulge in nation building and through their power structure of pricing their products, limiting their production, lobbying their interests with politicians and forcing their demands on the environment have directly affected the lives of every human being in the world.

  7. Timothy Shparo says:

    Adam Smith once said, “Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production; and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to, only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of the consume.” Adam Smith is known as the First Economist and it is clear why. His words, though said long ago, have remained consistent in the eyes of those who view the interests of the people as a top priority. Though that population is somewhat minuscule and underrated, it is essential that the focus of the topic of the future be directed to those who corporations must benefit the most: the people. A capitalist society today is no different than the idea of Manifest Destiny, which meant that
    America has a divine destiny to reach the Pacific Ocean during colonial times. Because of this belief, tribes have been diminished and the overall dark status has been placed on the country. Furthermore the bottom-line of this comparison is that the American Government will place responsibilities in those responsible for shortcomings and negative attributes and drift away from the critical focus: citizens.

  8. Muhammad Inshal Khan says:

    Do we not live in an environment where only the higher officials have a say in what goes on? The people who get a say in anything only look out for what is beneficial for them. Its sad, but its the truth.

  9. Justin Ibarra says:

    Corporations run this world, these business decide for us and it is something that is going to keep on growing. For Example, oil companies run this business and in return the high prices, there is no competition to lower the prices.

  10. Narek Ghazaryan says:

    Corporations dominate the economies of the world. As long as a business, could be corporation or something else, is owned by the private sector, we can’t expect that one day they are going to start thinking about people’s interest or their benefits. So, whatever they do, is beneficial for their own interest. If I was a CEO of the corporation, what do you think i would do? Make more profit for me, simple as that. Who wouldn’t do that?

  11. It’s money. It has always been about money. Even our food and crop are effected by these corporations. They decide what we eat, what we buy and what we know. Almost like a form of brainwashing, making us as a nation to have to rely on them on a day to day basis. Such as the gas companies. We cannot live without gas to our cars. Things would become more hectic than they are now. Perhaps it’s a way to keep us all under control. Who knows, really?

  12. Catherine Vileisis says:

    Unfortunately, corporations run our economy, and make decisions for us on prices, what’s hot and what’s not and what is going to be the next “best seller.” Its not fair, but it’s the truth and the only thing we can really do about it is coop. An example of these corporations are the oil companies who can charge however much they want for gas because they have no one else to compete with and us Americans need our gas.

  13. Roy Posner says:

    The real victims of a global cooperate interest has always been the military and will always be the military who will fight for a just cause but certainly there would be some ‘secondary’ agenda in the works as well. The question is what are we securing here, the safety of the economy or the safety of lives. Widespread incursions have been fought before and while the battle was often won the war leaves little to protect.

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