Global Awareness

This year is the year of change. The global 99% movement and the Wall Street occupation movement as well as the other occupation movements have given us a global awareness that has ignited a call for global freedom and change that cannot be stopped.  We are coming to see that our common human problems are showing us that we are all members of the same human race with the same human conditions. This has provided us with a global awareness in which we see our growing similarities eclipse our perceived national and ethnic differences.


4 Responses to “Global Awareness”
  1. Marina Sek says:

    As the world becomes mor globalized we are becoming more aware of the world and different cultures around us, whether by choice or by force. Islam has been an ever present fact in our world for centuries, yet it took the tragic events of 9/11 to bring it to the forefront of western societies attention. This only serves to further emphasize how encapsulized certain pats of the world heve become, especially the West. On of the more positive aspects of globilzation, therefore, is that it will bring the global condition and its societies into the mainstream of social discourse.

  2. Avinash Dayal says:

    So true. The recent economic downturn in the US and Europe has exposed the vulnerability of the non rich. It has brought together the workforces that feel exploited by the rich individuals and the corporations they control. The movements are an expression of anger that will probably gather momentum if the global economy continues to stutter.

  3. Kelly Forrest says:

    Though we all experience many of the same problems, is it possible for each nation to agree on what problems need to be addressed first? For example, in many poverty-stricken African countries, the HIV/AIDS epidemic along with the mass percentage of starving children would probably be one of their top priorities to fix. However, in many Western civilizations, education and civil liberties may be the priorities. Though I agree that as human being we face the same problems, I feel as though different issues affect each region of the globe differently.

  4. Paula Gonzalez says:

    Art 101
    I agree, the global problems currently at hand can be addressed with the unification of all inhabitants. With the cooperation of all we can look to utilize culture and innovative ideas to change the world. Common interest will prevail with a global movement.

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