Liberals need a Common Direction

Liberals have lost their way. Liberals have been all about being inclusive but with no sense of a common direction. In a rush to be inclusive they have lost their direction and are now rudderless in search of an inviting port.

Liberalism has become an ever-extending parking garage with ever more occupancy. While everyone parks together in the evening they all go home in different directions.

If liberals are going to come together instead of moving apart they must create a common direction and chart a common course for all to fellow. If Liberalism is about bring people together then, it must be about evolving into a new people, one with many different origins but all having the same direction. Liberalism must be about bringing us together and making more of us together then we are separately.


3 Responses to “Liberals need a Common Direction”
  1. Steve says:

    Don’t you think that the very nature of Liberalism is at the core of the problem? Liberals by nature are not unified, free thinkers who often reject the norm and strive for what is not yet formulated. It seems to me that Liberals are always in transition looking for their own sense of Utopia. It seems that once a faction of Liberalism begins to “establish government” then by its own nature it must splinter and want something more. It seems to me that Liberalism by its very nature only allows short term alliances before it fragments with everyone finding their own way.

    Conservatives on the other hand seem to cling to tradition and history. While they long for the good old days they cling to what works and ignore what doesn’t. It seems to me that Conservatives can hang together long enough to reach and retain power. Ultimately they are doomed to fall because their tradition and precedent blocks them from working differently and even creatively to solve problems when they arise. The inablility to change ultimately creates a downward spiral of failure.

    So Liberals are doomed to fail because they can’t help but change much too quickly and Conservatives are doomed to fail because they can’t change fast enough. When do we get option “C” for good government?

  2. Ben Yakobi says:

    This is an unfortunate part of American politics today and it is not only the liberals, the Conservatives have the same problems. The issue is that in order to win control of the united states a party needs numbers. this means that if there is a large group of more or less neutral people that who ever can entice the most small will eventualy take the vote. This unfortunetly leads to the catering and backroom politics that have lead to the corruption and degredation of the american society which is the underlining cause of our current turmiol.

  3. Doris Silvana Reyes says:

    Be a thinker in this time is harder than before, it is not the rules or limitation of freedom of speech, it is in find some time to think, and when you do that, to find someone who have the time to hear you, we are living in a word who runs without turning back, the time don’t forget, the people hear just promises about something in return without thinking if the can be possible, whit this time difficulty it is more probably to be hearted if it is proposed in group, in the other hand at the time that one transform in two, the think loss the concept to be individual, our bigger fight is with the time, how to get it back in to the essential.

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