The Times Are A Changing

The 99% movement, union demonstrations in Wisconsin and the Arab and Iranian peoples movements throughout the Middle East are calling for a greater voice in managing their own affaires.

The call for greater democracy and the means to see it to realization through social networking has changed the political dynamics of global politics.

We are learning new ways to politically interact and apply ourselves that are throwing our existing political systems off balance and making it hard for them to react in the traditional ways.


2 Responses to “The Times Are A Changing”
  1. Fatima Baig says:

    The main thing we may succeed regarding this movement, is that we all have to unclench our hands and reach out to another one at a time. We need to redevelop ourselves and set up political systems of balance, and try to compromise and have proper relationship with each other.

  2. Kelly Forrest says:

    This was especially true in the past few presidential elections. President Bush, and President Obama in particular, were some of the first few candidates to utilize social media in terms of politics and their presidential campaigns. This now means that future politicians must be in sync with upcoming technological and social media advances when dealing with politics and social issues. Political systems are seeing a need for change in order to keep up with the constant evolution of media and social networking.

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