The Need For A New System Of Political Organization

The global protests against the corporatization of the world shows that a new system of organizing ourselves is not only needed but is inevitable. This new system must empower the people and make servicing them as the reason for the institutions of society. We need a new system that we can superimpose upon our existing systems of government. To meet these problems I propose the establishment of a new kind of system that I call entrusted government, one that would build its institutions from the bottom-up by their own members.


4 Responses to “The Need For A New System Of Political Organization”
  1. Hamza Khalid says:

    The great nation of the United States of America needs a new system to fulfill the rights of its people. Unfortunately the land of the free is no more as it seems our freedom of speech is being taken away. The new FEINSTEIN AMENDMENT passed in congress states that they can lock up anyone WITHOUT TRIAL OR CHARGE who is a suspected terrorist. Some people would say that’s, great but define terrorist? In the 1960′s the civil rights movement was called a terrorist organization. What is it now an expression of American Freedom. In the 70′s the hippie protest against the vietnam war was called a terrorist group, now what is it a symbol of peaceful protest. This term is undefined and can be applied to anyone from the OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT movement to Tea Party members who complain about Big Government and spending. In short, if you speak out against anything the government decides to do, you might be labeled a terrorist to our own nation.The government needs to be reformed to make sure that it doesn’t stray from the constitution or the Bill of Rights. With a government that follows through its laws, will then allow change in the system.

  2. Fatima Baig says:

    I agree with you, we do need a new system because the way we are functioning is beyond corrupt at one point. The system should consist of nonselfish ideologies, and we should try to find a way to be more consistent, and empathetic when it comes to thinking about others as we set up the systematic ideologies.

  3. Avinash Dayal says:

    The need for a new political organization that serves the interests of the working class must become a priority to stop this legal looting by the rich. The first way to stop this is to bring political donation reforms in our political system and to limit the power of the lobbyists. All politicians should be held accountable for the job they do and the power of recall should be used with ease.

  4. Catherine Vileisis says:

    I agree, there is diffidently a need for a new political organization that serves to the interest of the middle/ working class. They need to put the money to where it really belongs and stop prioritizing the rich. What we really need to do is limit that power of the lobbyists and provide political donation reforms to the senate. All of the politicians should be kept track us and accountable for any opinion or decision they decide to make. This way, our political nation will be more organized and run more efficiently.

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