Organizing The Concerns Of Wall Street Protestors

The occupy Wall Street protestors have brought to the attention of the nation and the world the many different reasons the people have for wanting a better system that can provide for the needs of all.  As the protest movement continues, the reason that caused people to join the protest was the concerns that they had for their own future and the future of their country and the world.

To organize the concerns of the protestors they must be arranged into groups dedicated to meeting their common concerns. Each group of common concerns would then appoint or, if necessary, hire the representatives capable of lobbying on their behalf those public and private institutions that they wish to influence.

The groups of similar common concerns contained in every location of the nation and the world would then link together and form local, regional, national and international groups capable of applying political pressure at every level of human society. Then each common concern would be organized from the local level to the national level and even the international level, which would allow every concern to be able to coordinate its actions at all levels of political society.


3 Responses to “Organizing The Concerns Of Wall Street Protestors”
  1. Hamza Khalid says:

    The global protest are in a way showing solidarity towards each other. We are in a new century where the people are uniting against the common enemy. The internet and mainstream media has thankfully destroyed the common borders of uniting people. Now when their is something unjust happening in the world people will be able to know what is happening. For example the ethnic cleansing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has not been televised by the mainstream media (FOX, CNN, BBC). But now people are getting their story heard and people will come together to help fight for each other. The Occupy Wall Street Movement just further proves, that the world is uniting. It spread from the peaceful protests in the middle east, to the London riots to all the way in New York. A new world order is happening and theirs no way to stop it!

  2. Juan Carlos F. Aglugub says:

    The intent is for this movement is for a noble cause. A group of individuals have identified something that is utterly wrong in the system, which is true. There are things that the government could not provide and there are certain programs out their that are being withhold from the people. Whatever the case maybe, as a result of our current financial crisis, we should also take in consideration factors affecting the government hindering support to the people whom they served. One thing that bothers me most is the fact that these movements raises unwanted confrontations all because ice man joe schumkatelli decided to go toe toe with the police. Hence, creating an image that the government are the bad guys and joe is the good guy trying to make a point. Everybody is struggling. Before the situation further escalates into a riot, let us be calm and remind ourselves that we are civilized and just. There are legal ways to make an appeal.

  3. Fatima Baig says:

    I personally believe that occupying the wall street did bring attention, but at one point, I think it is not the most appropriate or affective way to do so. I have also seen at Cal State Northridge where they had occupied an area, but honestly, what’s the point? What harm will they do? Who really cares? I certainly believe that if we really want to take a proper affect, then why don’t we do something that will actually matter? If we really don’t like how the way the tuition is increasing, then why don’t all students not enroll in ANY classes for one semester? That would really matter and would come into affect. But who would really do that? Most students would rather just pay more money and finish college then unite and make a difference.

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