From Cosmopoly To The Entrusted-State System

Many of my friends and colleagues have told me that my manuscript title of “Cosmopoly” was too difficult and did not convey the true spirit of my book.

In order to provide more clarity I have decided to rename my book “The Entrusted-State System”.

The essence of my book is to entrust the relationships of society so that that they can be counted on by the people within them.

The way that I would do this is to place all social relationships within voluntary civil and political trusts especially designed to maintain them.

Since my book is about social and political entrustment from personal entrustment to the formation of an entrusted-state, to rename it “The Entrusted-State System” is appropriate.


One Response to “From Cosmopoly To The Entrusted-State System”
  1. Fatima Baig says:

    I think The Entrusted-State system would be appropriate because I personally believe that first of all, all relationships are based on trust, and I also believe that having social relationships is more systematic rather than sensual.

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