When The Need For Change Becomes Self-Evident

There are times in human history when the need for change becomes so self-evident that change is not only assured but is only a matter of time. This is such a time! Today we need a totally different type of government system if we are to achieve the global institutions that we will need to meet our problems. With the global problems that we are facing we need to have available to us different global ways of resolving our problems.

Meeting our global problems would require different types of global institutions to exist at the same time and this would be achieved through a system of civil and political entrustments. Civil and political entrustments would be contractual governments that would entrust us together. This contractual form of entrusted government would provide us with a way of quickly establishing the types of governments that are desired by the public when and where they were needed.


6 Responses to “When The Need For Change Becomes Self-Evident”
  1. Garik Aleksandryan says:

    It seems as if we share about the same opinions on how to better our country’s political and economical issues. Pesonally, I always believed that change is only driven by idividuals, not politicians. Today we have president Barrack Obama preaching and demanding for change, yet us citizens see no change of any kind except for higher taxes to pay. The president has planned to raise taxes close to $1 trillion over the next 10 years. Also, taxes will especially raised for incomes with over $250,000 a year. Now, I’m not one to be naive or bias, but we as citizens deserve a government that doesn’t punish those living comfortably just to fix their mistakes. I never noticed how unimaginably taxes have raised until I noticed that 40% of my mother’s paychecks go down the drain every week.

    Perhaps our government should lead our country based on what’s reasonable or idealistic. Yet, as much power as we give them, the less power we have. Are politicians unmindful towards the good of their country, or are they hard-working men who strive to provide the best for us citizens, but have much trouble doing so? I think that this is a question that not many of us can answer, including me. Because most of us fail to find assurance from the security provided by our government. Instead, we feel deprived of our own belongings and rights.

  2. Francisco Monroy says:

    Professor i think this is exactly what this country needs .For such a long time we as americans have held our customs so tight but as long as we dont adjust to the world we will be left behind . You have seen asia,europe,and japan increase in all mainstream subjects and the industrial world as well. If we hold our selves back we hurt ourselves .Its our duty to give our future americans the chance to make there own world as we have and yes this is such a time becuase if not now ,then when!!!

  3. Anthony Kapitanski says:

    This is an interesting perspective on the matter of political institutions. The concept of adapting or reforming a political institution, the state, to better meet the demands of ever changing global issues is surely gaining popularity today. However, potentially out of naive idealism, I have faith in the institutions as they stand and their ability to adapt to the pressing issues of our time. I believe and hope that the structural components, at least of our government, are not of faulty nature or inadequate to handle its responsibilities. Although, we cannot undermine the magnitude of our problems it is, as I believe, not a time to lose faith in the institution that was once deemed infallible and remarkably innovative.

    -Anthony Kapitanski
    Art 101

  4. Marleigh Green says:

    Any proposal for restructuring our system of government could be perceived by those who are rigid believers in our form of democracy as an attack on our history, and historical success as a nation thus far. But honestly, I believe that the change you are suggesting may be a breath of fresh air. Constitution thumpers do make a good point when stating that our system has worked well since the beginning, and although it has been modified and updated over the years, it has remained the same, and continued to get the job done. However, there have been so many changes over the years that changing the way we govern ourselves may be the only way to adapt to current conditions.

  5. Fatima Baig says:

    I could not agree with this more than I already do. I believe this system is mainly corrupt because first, there are obviously two different sides, and when there are two different sides, there are two different opinions, and with two different opinions, they both must compromise, which has not virtually happened these last four years. The people who are in charge of our government would rather waste time, be stubborn, and not consider what the other party is trying to offer. They do what they want, and mostly according to their personal ideologies rather than working with what they have and trying to compromise.

  6. jny h. says:

    If acting in the interests of others can be isolated from ego, then, I think, change is possible.

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