The Times Are A Changing

The union demonstrations in Wisconsin and the Arab and Iranian peoples movements throughout the Middle East are calling for a greater voice in managing their own affairs. The call for greater democracy and the means to see it to realization through social networking has changed the political dynamics of global politics. We are learning new ways to politically interact and apply ourselves which is throwing our existing political systems off balance and making it hard for them to react in the traditional ways.

The internet has been able to provide the necessary voluntary infrastructure that has allowed people movements to organize themselves into active components capable of applying themselves to meeting their concerns. Within the hands of the public are now the means to actually determine the kinds of institutions that will be allowed to service our needs.

The internet will allow us to reorganize ourselves according to our needs and wants. It will give us the means to give us a collective voice on things of concern to us and it will also allow us to build the necessary infrastructures that would permit us to institutionalize our common needs and wants in a collective way.


4 Responses to “The Times Are A Changing”
  1. Ricardo Perez says:

    i couldn’t agree more. the internet has give a voice to the other wise unheard minority and over looked individuals that have new ways of thinking. an opportunity for connectivity on a global scale has risen in today’s society thanks in large part to the internet. this blog is a good example; you are presenting innovative progressive ideas with the opportunity to reach out and exchange your idea with like minded individuals.

    yes we are more distracted, but what is interesting is that we have so many news ways to connect, so many new ways to reach out and find other people that have the same ideology. we can now collectively begin to move forward. not by chance but by a collective mind.

    also now more than ever we can serendipitously stumble across some amazing new piece of information that can help us build and improve on our own progressive ideas. now we have the ability to more easily come across compelling information that was not so readily available before; such as, wiki-leaks and documentaries like zeitgeist and esoterica agenda.

  2. Anthony Kapitanski says:

    It is said that the internet is truly a revolutionary tool. Just look at the recent events in Egypt, which are now being referred to as the “Facebook Revolution”. It’s undeniable that the global internet serves as a great unifying communication tool that can bring unprecedented amounts of people together. But we can also attribute the internet and its great supply of current information as a tool for political transparency. If we look at major political movements and changes in the course of recent history, we can conclude that electronic media has shifted the leverage balance between the government and its people. More than ever, we as people can demand transparency and put our political institutions under pressure, thanks to the steady stream of information now made available. Information is surely power and we are now burdened with the responsibility to react and respond appropriately to the information we are bestowed.

  3. Juan Carlos F. Aglugub says:

    Times ARE Changing! With the advent of technology, internet, and all other amazing gizmos that has the potential and also has proven to connect us is such ways one can only imagine. As a result, I have lived to witness regimes being toppled by its own people more and so only equipped with a video phone, a computer and a little help from “youtube”, people from all places, distant from each other can now connect at a personal level which in turn creates a voice the whole can hear.

    As Veteran of the Afghan conflict, I have lived, survived, and developed a deep respect for the wonderful and terrible power that only exist when man wages war against each other. As the world gears up for globalization, there are nations out there where the mass are still living in conditions known to have existed during ancient times when man used to worship the stars. I fortunate to experience that kind of lifestyle, it made me appreciate what I have, the things I’ve taken for granted for when so many do not possess the things that makes our lives better as simple as a warm cozy bed.

    If Knowledge and ideas are to be spread like wild fire in countries such as Afghanistan, the chances of maybe invigorate just one ignorant Islamic fanatic could be the difference of starting a revolution that is accepted by its own people, then the whole world.

  4. Hamza Khalid says:

    The beauty of the internet is that it gets people to notice something that wouldn’t be covered in mainstream media. Mainstream media has been typically careless about certain places in the world that are calling for change. That is why, the internet is a sigh of relief, not just for journalist enthusiast or people calling for peace, but for humanity in general. Through the internet people are connected, cultures are united, and an enemy is now looked as a human. The internet is directly for the people and will forever be a way to push democracy for the people and the world. The Facebook revolutions in Egypt and Iran were felt 3000 miles away in America, creating a common sympathy for 2 cultures that were previously known to dislike each other. With the internet, we the people can prosper together, and burgeon for free rights together.

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