Finally Putting The People In Charge

The people are voicing their feelings around the world. We have reached a turning point. Will the people continue to be told what is in their best interest or will the people themselves determine their own future? The future calls for a new way of organizing ourselves that will actually put the people in charge of those that are supposed to operate on their behalf. I call for a new way of organizing ourselves that will put those that are to receive services in charge of those that are to provide it.  I propose that we reorganize ourselves in a new way in which we politically entrust ourselves to one another into political and government units that will be determined by the people that are to receive their services.


3 Responses to “Finally Putting The People In Charge”
  1. Garik Aleksandryan says:

    I believe that there has never been a better time for change in thiscountry than now. Not change within the government, but change within ourselves, the citizens. We have allowed our government and its representatives to fully demolish our opinions and view-points on where to place the power. However, the extremity from full governmental power to none will be a crucial leap. So how can we find a balance between the people and the government?

  2. jacqueline gutierrez says:

    I honestly believe that as citizens of the United Stated we have thousands of opportunities. It is up to us to take advantage and express ones freedom of speech. I also agree that the human race should not let the government change ones opinions, they should actually unite and together help balance both the people and government.

  3. Kelly Forrest says:

    This seems like a good idea, however , I believe that many citizens, especially those in the United States, are simply to lazy to take those matters into their own hands. Either for the sake of not having to do anything, or for the lack of interest, I believe some citizens simply assume that those in charge already will make better decisions. This becomes annoying when the same lazy people begin to complain but then do not do anything about it. Hopefully the motivated people will continue to be motivated so they can take things into their own hands for their own success.

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