Forming Self-Supporting Institutions and Societies

People are fearful and uncertain about their future. What they need is the kind of societies that can give them a sense of certainty about tomorrow. This sense of certainty could be provided by people socially entrusting themselves together for a mutual purpose. By people socially entrusting themselves together they would be able of support one another in achieving their common goals. This would allow groups of people to pool their resources in order to provide themselves with the mutual support that they wanted from one another.


2 Responses to “Forming Self-Supporting Institutions and Societies”
  1. Aida Akhavan says:

    So basically having a structured group that will lend support that some individuals need, will allow them to develop their interests more fully. Some individuals need it, some do not. Strong self confident individuals are part of the latter.

  2. Justin Ibarra says:

    Having a structured group will support the individuals in need, and will allow them to develop their interests.

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