A Government for All

A government for all would be one that could be everything to all people. But, can people with different needs and wants exist happily within the same societies? Or can real happiness only be achieved within societies geared to resolving only the similar concerns of those within them? The only type of society that could be formed to meet the needs of a particular group would be an entrusted society. Within an entrusted society everyone would be able to live within the kind of society that they felt best provided them with the kind of environment that they needed.

This means that those people that would wish to live within a less regulated environment would have a system designed to provide one. And those that would wish to live within a more regulated or even a controlled society would also have the kind of society that they would want for themselves. This would result in creating societies in which everyone would be in the kind of institutions that they personally wanted. The result would be the creation of self-supportive societies that would be able to concentrate our interests and concerns and as a result allow us to maximize our human potential.


2 Responses to “A Government for All”
  1. Aida Akhavan says:

    in theory it sounds good, but in reality a system like this is almost impossible to achieve. An example is the United States which was founded on the principles outlined in our founding documents, yet we are made up of different cultures and ways of thinking.

  2. Cassandra Oliphant says:

    Speaking of a controlled society, people would riot. Bottom line. Since every person is a whole different world, literally, a society like that would rob them of their happiness because they would be told of what to do with their lives. It’s like robbing the First Amendment in the Constitution. But it would be quite wonderful if people would get along, despite differences, (As if that would change), and America would be a much better place.

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