Entrusting Ourselves to One Another

The current argument is weather government should cater to the corporate needs of society or to the needs of the public. Who should determine the direction that the state and its institutions should take? And how do we create institutions that work for us and are designed to meet our needs? We entrust them together! By entrusting ourselves together we determine between ourselves what would be expected from one another. Basing our institutions on the social entrustment of their members would make them self-governing and self-supporting institutions.


3 Responses to “Entrusting Ourselves to One Another”
  1. Aida Akhavan says:

    In small groups of individuals where everybody knows each other this can work, but in a large, multi cultural society like ours this might not be possible.

  2. Stephen Greenfield says:

    I think this is highly improbable for a few reasons. Michale Sandel and the communitarianas believe that we are all apart of a community, and we think together as a community for language and cultural reasons. The problem with entrusting ourselves together is that we are all apart of different communities and cultures. And with every community/culture comes a different set of needs and goals.
    Furthermore, let us say that we could all be united and entrust ourselves together. For this to happen we must come up with something that unites us all as one community with the same cultural notions. For example, the catholic church united many communities across the world under one doctrine. In today’s secular world with so many different ideas and theories, I cannot foresee this ever happening.

  3. Justin Ibarra says:

    Government should not feed into corporate business, they need to feed to the people of society. If the government favors corporate business there will be a bigger unbalance in our economic society.

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