Contractual Representation

In order to clarify what I mean by hired representation I want to introduce it in terms of being a contractual representation. Contractual representation is a political representative that individuals would sign a contract with to provide them with a particular type of political representation. If the conditions of the contract are not met, then the grieved party could sue the other party for damages. This contractual political representation would last only as long as the length of the contract. Once the contract had expired a person would be free to sign a contract with a different contracted political representative.


5 Responses to “Contractual Representation”
  1. Calvin Montano says:

    I believe contractual representation is a good idea. Whoever signs the contract should agree to the terms. In pretty much every contract; if you violate or break any of the terms then you should be ready to suffer the consequences. Therefore, I believe if you sign the contract to provide political representation, you should live up to it.

  2. Osama Shahzad says:

    Well this post cleared up a few questions I had on your last post. So as far as I understand, your saying that this contractual government would be one of a kind. And instead, of the citizen choosing which “government” to sign a contract with next, they would choose which political representative to sign with. This makes much more sense. That way, a political representative can actually be held accountable for doing (or not doing) what they signed a contract for. A few more questions however. Would the leader of the nation also be under a contract? And with all these contracts, aren’t there bound to be contracts with conflicting principles. For example one contract could say there is a draft, while another politicians contract could say there isn’t. Would that mean, only the people who signed the contract under the respective politician would have to follow the draft?

  3. Jamie Eustice says:

    I like to look at things from both stand points and in this particular situation i agree but i also think the other side of what happens when the representative doesn’t follow the contract needs to be addressed. For this to work there needs to be some sort of punishment enforced for disgarding the contract. I like the idea of it but for it to work it needs to be enforced.

  4. Maya Berko says:

    I love this idea. it validates and makes my comment on contractual government even stronger in my opinion. itis valid and defends the idividual on a personal level which is revolutionary and nessicary.

  5. jny h. says:

    The challenge with contractual representation is: there would be no voting system, and, because an open-ended contract can be purchased, it would lead to single-sided representations; a system free of checks and balances.

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