Contractual Governments

In order to clarify what I mean by cooperative government I want to introduce it in terms of being a contractual government. Contractual governments are governments that have contracts between the governed and those that govern them. Those individuals that wish to receive particular types of services would sign a contract with a government service provider to provide them with the types of services that they wanted. Depending on the conditions of the government service contract that a person would sign with their government service provider, that person might have to provide certain types of voluntary services as a condition of their contract. If the conditions of the contract are not met, then the grieved party could sue the other party for damages. Once a person’s contractual obligations were ended, they would be free to discontinue their relationship with their existing contractual government and find a new contractual government that they felt would better provide them with the type of government that they were seeking for themselves.


8 Responses to “Contractual Governments”
  1. Contractual government seems to be very straight forward. If the person wants to fall under this type of government then they should choose to sign a contract with them. By signing that contract, it seems that the person should be prepared and ready for what they are getting themselves into so they should try to just live up to the contract. In the end, it is the person’s own responsibility to fullfill the contract and read it head to toe because they are gonna sign an agreement to belong to a certain government.

  2. Osama Shahzad says:

    Well professor, your idea of a contractual government seems pretty straight forward. (at least on paper) However, I can not help but wonder how the people in positions of power will be able to refrain from abusing it. Typically people who have power tend to bend the rules in their favor. In your idea of a contractual government, how would this system be enforced? Also, wouldn’t moving from one contractual government to the next create animosity and hostility? In my opinion that would cause unnecessary violence. Not to mention opens backdoors for government spies and terrorists. Would the quick fix for this problem be that contractual governments have contracts with other contractual governments?

  3. Lester Telon says:

    A contractual government seems like a sound idea, but many many people want government out of their lives. And could you sue the government if it did not meet the standards of the contract? How would the contracts be designed? Would they be explicit with what is needed on both sides? How would it play out in court?

  4. Maya Berko says:

    to be perfectly honest, this sounds like a car insurance add.
    i thoroughly believe in the concept you were going for, behind the insurac=nce facade though.
    We shouyld be able to hold our government accountable for injustices, and by having a valid representative that signes our agreement personally then we use that signed contract to resieve the debt due to us from any injustice by our government.

  5. Alexander Ramos says:

    truthfully every individual makes a contract with a government just by the simple case that they become part of the society, being a functioning member of society allows for the government to grow while at the same time the individual receives the benefits of being under the safety and security of a government. in a state of nature people always form themselves into a group (government) and once being a part of the government you have a duty as a citizen to fulfill a progressive life. if an individual becomes a burden on the society it becomes a necessity to cut the contract with the individual.

  6. Jessica Jadali says:

    A contractual government sounds like a dependable plan, by choice whoever would want to form a contract can. Allowing people to have an option of negotiations and also make it a reliable and set in stone agreement until of course it expires with the government. Giving people stability within their ventures, and the option of not having such things if desired. By signing a contract, you agree to the issues stated and by using a contract it allows either party to sue in which case something does not go as planned, leaving a very problem free system for those who chose to use it.

  7. Jessica Delijani says:

    This is an interesting concept, however I don’t think it would be helpful to have multiple different government forms in one nation. Although allowing people to choose there own and make a contract binding that agreement, it would ultimately lead to a less unified nation and more political tension.

  8. jny h. says:

    All things equal, this would be close to a fair system and a managed society.

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