The Illusion Of Political Representation

While representational democracy allows for greater defacto political participation than the harsher political systems of the past, it still uses its political power to disempower its people politically, only this time in the name of democracy through the illusion of political representation.

Therefore, democracy as an empowerment concept is tenuous at best if at all.  It is further compromising because it is a size determined system that becomes less democratic the larger the voting population becomes, because the larger the number of voters represented within an election, the more it minimizes the real effect of each person’s individual vote.

Representative democracy’s large scale elections really act as a form of mass disempowerment in which the individual’s ability to personally affect the outcome of political events decreases as a voting group’s size increases.

The greater the amount of people that participate within a given democratic system, the more the people within it will be forced to develop into political factions in which individuality will be submerged within conformity, which is actually an anathema to the whole idea of democracy empowering the individual person.

This allows the system to disempower the individuals within it by submerging them within political identities that define who they are socially and politically. This has permitted each state to structure their own people into political factions that are capable of forcing desired democratic outcomes.

This actually minimizes the individual’s political participation by turning them into collective voting blocks that are much more manageable than individuals are because voting blocks are still based on consensus where everyone must agree on one thing at the expense of all the others.

But is voting as a political action really being democratic?  Or is a real democracy one where each person is asked to participate as an informed individual first and only then as a member of the various social affiliations they claim for themselves.

Or is real democracy really mainly a political ritual that we go through to help us get past our own sense of political alienation and feelings of disempowerment?


10 Responses to “The Illusion Of Political Representation”
  1. Jamie Eustice says:

    This artical actually addresses an issue that i just recently dealt with. I was trying to register to vote and part of it asks you to choose a political party. I was raised around mostly Republicans but I didn’t want to be lumped into that category so I ended up choosing to be Independent but my dad explained to me that even that is just another party so then again i changed to decline to state. I believe in the power of the individual but these days its more of a cliche. Because of “democracy” people think they still have their individual power, but really the lumping of people into political parties takes away the individual right to vote on different issues outside their party’s beliefs. For exampe, if you are apart of the Republican party but believe that gay marriage is ok, you are going against that party. Why can’t we take the issues and look at them individually to see how we feel about them? We shouldn’t have to follow a political party’s guidelines to what we should believe. I think that these parties have taken our right of being on our own political basis. People today just pick a party based off one issue and vote in accordance with them for issues they don’t even take the time to read about anymore, it’s sad. Solution, i guess for now, is to decline to state a political party.

  2. Lester Telon says:

    “Or is real democracy really mainly a political ritual that we go through to help us get past our own sense of political alienation and feelings of disempowerment?”

    When I saw the House get captured, only because outside groups accepted an unlimited amount of money from corporations and undisclosed sources therefore influencing (manipulating really) the vote outcome, I felt like most of us were essentially tricked into voting into something we might not know anything about. Thats not to say we don’t have a brain to make up our mind, but we let ourselves become easily manipulated by ads that only portray the negative. Or what they deem is negative. Democrats fell like flies, but really it was only because people were.. fooled into blaming ideas that corporate America didn’t stand with. As a voter and seeing money play a huge role in the elections, I feel alienated by the fact that most people voted conservative not because it was their philosophy, but because of third party groups funded by corporations and undisclosed sources. Thats not to say conservatism is bad, because its not. Its just the amount of undisclosed money that really essentially hijacked the election.

  3. Maya Berko says:

    it so hard to be upset or angry with the government unless you propose a new and better solution. no one haseffectivley supplied solutions to the government to date. but, i personally will make it part of my mission as an individual to successfully develope a representative party plan that truly, speaks and represents the individual, as a proper democracy should. representling all posibilities and including all oppositions and ideas are what make a proper democracy function, but when you cut off some “idealists” ideals beacause their impossible” — you destroy the hope of our nation and destroy even the option of a vote on that subject becaus “one all knowing” politician removed it from the ballad.

  4. Alexander Ramos says:

    the idea of pure democracy will account the vote and opinion of every individual equally, but realistically we don’t live in a society that account every vote. the larger the population the less each individual vote would count because as representative democracy cuts the vote into sections the vote tally is only empowered by the larger representative part in the area. that is the reason the republicans dominated the house, mainly because of the voters that came out for the Obama election stayed home and allowed the remaining voters (republicans) to overwhelm the voting polls. the problem with democracy in America is that not each vote is equal and the only thing to blame is the use of incentives given to politicians through lobbyists . this sways the politicians ideals and causes people of each section of government to be under represented because of this “cash first” policy. without equal votes the U.S is living a lie in believing that representative democracy would represent every individual vote.


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