Forming Governments That Work For The People

Societies work for those for whom they were created. That’s why monarchies worked well for monarchs and democracies worked well for the bourgeoisie and religious societies worked well for their clerics. This means that if a society designed to work for the people is to be created then it must be formed by the people that it is meant to serve.

Therefore, these future societies would have to be designed around their people’s common needs and wants. That means that these new societies would need to be formed by those they would be meant to serve. The only mechanism that would be capable of allowing for different societies to development independently at the same time would be a social and political market mechanism upon which the various societies of the future would have to develop themselves. This would make our future societies flexible enough to be applied to any situation and for any reason.

For the kind of flexible future societies to develop that would be capable to apply itself to the common problems of its members, they would have to come to see each other as existing within a mutual relationship where each member sees their relationship to the others in a cooperative way where they support each other in achieving their mutual goals. Click on Cosmopoly for more information. (Revised on 9/23/10)


5 Responses to “Forming Governments That Work For The People”
  1. Maya Berko says:

    This is the ideal vision of a future government. The place democracy must evolve towards in order to enable the people of this country. no matter where you are or what you do this ideal government is flexible to protecting and helping your every decission and impass. It truly IS whats needed in the world and if more peole were optomistic about this type of government, our world would be much closer to world peace and farther away from starvation and civil wars . I completely agree with this ideal. And truly hope it becomes a true working government rather than just a hope.

  2. Every governement is built differnently with a form of them being unique from one another. Every person basically knows how their government works so it is up to them if they wish to decide if they want to be apart of it. If not, the person is open to move and go on to a different government that suits them better.
    Flexible future societes seem to share a better bondage then most of today’s governments. If everyone begins cooperating and developing a mutual relationship with each other in this type of future society then I believe it would work. If there is a problem, it seems like the group of individuals could just talk it out amongst each other and solve it out. The flexible future society seems to be less chaotic in a way and seems like it would be a more peaceful way to live in the future.

  3. Guillermo Ortiz says:

    A government suitable for the common people has to be a government that knows what they want. For many people in America the most suitable form of government is a democracy. Yet we must understand what the people want. I believe the best form a government is a government that actually does something that a father and a mother would do, especially for a government where people with ignorance is running the place. A government that works for the best of not just the common person, but more.

  4. Dianna Nomanim says:

    Over a hundred years ago, when our government was first created, the law was based on the helping hands of society and to have a very good democracy. But now we can’t even rely on the laws that suited our ancestors. There should be a way to correct the laws so that nobody can take advantage of them and use them for their own profits. Democracy needs to advance in this direction to thus permit the people under this power to live their ideal peaceful lives. This modeled government would let anyone, anywhere in the world feel secure and supported. I believe, this time of government is what is needed by our people and if it was to be carried out, then life would be much better, safer, and happier.

  5. Brittiney Harde says:

    In order to create a government where all the peoples needs are met, that would require a complete change in the monetary system.
    I disagree with the statement that the government would need to be run by the people that it serves, because they would try to achieve the goals that would for the most part only benefit their needs. This is a good idea and hope for man-kind, but I feel that it is a long leap away from happening. People are selfish when it comes to their needs and wants. The government needs to stay away from the laize-faire approach and involved in the economics, such as the oil companies. By the government working with the oil companies, gas prices could possibly go down, in turn helping Americans.

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