Elected Political Representation or Political Placation

While the belief in elected political representation sounds noble what it actually is, is a method of politically placating the public, which actually leads to disempowering the public politically instead of empowering them. This political placation is accomplished by having people participate in political rituals, which are exalted as both the reason for the political system as well as the cause of its results.

While the idea of democracy seems inclusive and limitless, in reality it is not only structurally limiting because it is administratively hierarchical, but it is also psychologically hierarchical which allows it to dictate the way that we should and can think of the world and ourselves within it.

Democracy, like all of the political systems before it, is still applied within a hierarchical government structure that defines the nature of the political and social relationships within it. Therefore, even though democracy sounds inclusive, it is never the less, applied in an exclusive manner. This exclusive manner of seeing and organizing ourselves is and has been hierarchical and is, therefore, the only method currently conceivable to us which dictates the nature that the institutions and people that are defined by it have to take. My system of Cosmopoly would change all this.


2 Responses to “Elected Political Representation or Political Placation”
  1. Maya Berko says:

    Recognizing democracy’s faults is the first step to improving its nature and the way we deal with it. For example we could in turn submit to this lack of power, or rise for the fight of our independance. On the other hand you have to recognize the weight placed on our governors’ shoulders and the stress and imactof the decisions they make.The knowledge of the consequences almost stops the revolutionary acts that need to get done, be completed. Recognizing all the fauls of our system, from our representational government to the pressure we place on individuals to decid efor the general, we must adapt and fixthe mess that is our government

  2. Jessica Jadali says:

    Although the thought of democracy appears immeasurable and wide-ranging, it is truly not. It actually tends to be incredibly restrictive administratively and psychologically harmful to the society. Although we do not know, everything that happens within the government behind closed doors it is safe to say the affects of this dictate in a sense what we believe about ourselves within the society.

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