Our Elected Democracies

Democracy is based on a set of presumptions founded on idealism at best and wishful thinking at worse. Democracy has at least three major flaws, one being that it presumes that everyone that participates within democracy has democratic tendencies and will, therefore, act in a democratic manner.  In actuality people are not only, not democratic minded, but they tend to try to subvert the democratic process in their favor if they believe that they can get away with it. These people see democracy as a means of obtaining political power and not a means of surrendering it. My system of Cosmopoly would change all this.

The second flaw of democracy is that it is incapable of providing a direct form of meaningful political participation for all of the people at the same time. Democracy is a winner-take-all system in which one side wins and the other sides loose.  Therefore, it always has to direct itself towards the political majority that then marginalizes the other political minorities.

The third flaw of democracy is that it presumes itself to be a system that is politically inclusive and empowers its people by being able to provide them with some kind of political representation in which everyone’s interests are actually represented.  It assumes that it is politically incorporating the people into an ever-greater democratic whole in which each person has elected representation at every level of government.  Is this really true?


3 Responses to “Our Elected Democracies”
  1. The third flaw of democracy is very true. The democracy tells you that the people have a voice and they have some form of political represenation. However, this is not always true; many times people try and voice their opinions and try to solve a problem they might be facing that is affecting them in any way in the government and their voices are just ignored. In most cases, their voices may only be heard if they have more people on their side fighting to solve their problem. Therefore, people as singles have little power but as a whole, they have so much more power in which their voices actually have a effect on the government.

  2. Maya Berko says:

    The thirdflaw of democracy is an honest flaw. Its a fla made by the governors’ of democracy itself because they can accept the factthat their democracy doesnt function the way they imagined it would. Its a sad delusion that we all cope with, in order to hope and attempt to achieve a better future for our political world.

  3. Jessica Jadali says:

    I do not completely agree with the first two flaws however, i do agree that the third flaw is a problem. it is created by the people in charge themselves. Numerous times peoples voices and opinions are muffeled by the greater government, especially leaving individuals as voiceless beings in the greater picture f democracy.

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