The Nature of Democracy and its Limitations

Democracy has been characterized as the best form of government of all of the bad forms of government.

Does democracy actually empower people?

Does democracy make those people elected actually more responsible to those that elected them?

Does democracy make people better?

My system of Cosmopoly will deal with these questions.

If democracy does not provide the things that we expect from it, what does it actually do?

What can democracy actually provide to a society?

People in democratic states do not feel satisfied, so can we say that democracy actually works?

These are some of the questions that I will be dealing with in my forthcoming blogs concerning democracy.


4 Responses to “The Nature of Democracy and its Limitations”
  1. Jamie Eustice says:

    As many people as there are who think that democracy has failed us, I still believe that it is indeed the best of all failed governments. This doesn’t say much because it is “of the failed” but still, I have not lost faith in democracy. Like you have stated in other articles, government is built to address the needs of the society it is governing. Democracy was created to address the needs and wants of everyone and attempt to satisfy to the best of its ability. The problem we see today is that the U.S is too diverse and populated, it is difficult to address everyones individual needs, wants, and ideas. So now we are lumped into political parties which fail to support democracy because they defeat the whole purpose of individuality. I don’t think democracy is a fail, I think it needs restructuring to work in the way it was intended.

  2. Maya Berko says:

    Democracy has always been a system that tries to empower the people rather than their government officials. Throughout history democracy helped citizens speak their minds and vote for whta they believe in. Democracy has now become a distanced ideal that attempts to enable its citizens and voters, but doesnt give the people the power to truly determine their own fate. Democracy is a way of life, a vision of what a true and equal power of the people should be, but it needs to grow and evolve with time in order to achieve the true goals of society. i propose that democracy should re-evaluate its system, the government should try to give more power to its citizens to vote and determine their own fate, instead of relying on a streached out system to decifer and “determine what we are trying to say. I believe that this reliable and personal system of democracy will be created through the technological evlolution of the 21st century. where people can vote on an individual basis and are able to voice their concerns and ideas to a listening government that has the extra help of a technological age to sort the votes and send the peoples messages and individual ideals accross our country. i do believe that democracy is the only way to truly support the citizens of this country and improve the progression of a unified and free nation. whether democracy fixes itself tomorow or in a few years i am certain the appropriate shift will come in time. And if it doesnt on its own there is anation of people who want to control and determine their own fate ready to help democracy evolve.

  3. Guillermo Ortiz says:

    Its hard to say that democracy is the best of form of government, maybe because its based on what people believe is the best for their nation. The people of athens create this system of government to allow the people to choose how things should be run. One thing that must be consider is that a society run by a democracy must be a society of enlightenment, not ignorance. If a government is run by these ignorant people a nation might face greater than its government. It is possible that the U.S is going to face this because the ability of voting in a democracy is not used wisely

    -Guillermo Ortiz

  4. Dianna Nomanim says:

    Does democracy actually empower people? The answer from the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights is: “1. Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives. 2. Everyone has the right to equal access to public service in his country. 3. The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held in secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.” But now, for example, we have a voting system that does not work that nicely. When we vote, our votes are challenged in the Judicial system. This isn’t an efficient way of leading a democracy.

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