The Need For A National Service Corps

The private sector has failed to meet its social responsibility toward the nations that licensed them and the people that produced their product for them and consumed the products that resulted in making them wealthy.

The unemployment rate is a direct result of the social irresponsibility of those that dominate the private sector. The callous disregard for the welfare of the people that make their existence possible has shown that business as it is now constituted is not an institution that people can rely on to provide them with a stable future that they can count on.

What is needed is a system that can counter the negative effects of the free market without destroying the free enterprise system. Unemployment is one of the major effects that must be dealt with and this could be handled by establishing a national service corps that could be used to absorb the excess unemployment until the private sector is hiring again.

While within the national service corps, people could be used to provide labor for national purposes as well as provide a labor source that they could hire from. By being able to provide their labor through the national service corps, people would be able to function as a collective barging unit that would be able to negotiate the terms for their employment with the industries that would wish to hire them.

This ability of a national service corps to be able to absorb excess labor in bad times as well as allow labor to collectively bargain for its members so as to be able to market itself to industry in terms favorable to the workers in good times, would be able to provide the people with a mechanism that could protect them from abuse as well as organize them into public service when called for during bad times.


2 Responses to “The Need For A National Service Corps”
  1. Lester Telon says:

    While the idea of a National Service Corps is appealing, especially with corruption rampant, it will likely never be accepted by the American people. Big Government strikes a chord of fear in the hearts of people. The financial regulatory bill barely passed, mostly because those on the other side did not like the idea of a system being set up to oversee private business (albeit it being Wall Street).

  2. Dianna Nomanim says:

    Unemployment in California is reaching 12% which means out of 37 million Californians, almost half a million people in California are unemployed. This is so uncalled for because it makes people loose hope to aspire to do well in school. If you know that with the economy being so bad, you will not get a job after college and be stuck in the debts from the loans you took up to get to your education, you will most likely loose all motivation and not even try. With almost $28 billion dollars deficit, everyone will need to pitch in, in order to help rebuild California.

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