Politically Empowering the Natural Environment

If we are going to effectively save our planet from the excesses of human over-exploitation and destruction than we are going to have to preserve the natural environment by giving it a statehood of its own capable of defending its own interests, free from the political domination of society. To effectively represent the rights of the natural environment it must be made a political entity that can represent its own interests. If our natural environment is to survive its own social users it needs to be made a separate political entity and autonomous from the human political entities that inhabit it.

The only way we can emancipate the natural environment is to empower it politically, which is precisely what the entrusted resources state does. It would give the natural environment its own political state within which it could protect and defend its own interests.  Granting our natural environment equal rights would ultimately mean the protection of all of the species on our planet, which in the process would insure our own long-term human survival as well.

As a separate political entity the natural environment could then defend itself politically from any abuses inflicted upon it by its human inhabitants.  By empowering the natural environment politically, we give it the ability to protect itself from any abusive human behavior while still providing the natural resource foundation for the entrusted resources state. This empowering of the natural environment would avert a global ecological catastrophe that if allowed to continue will negatively affect generations of human beings as well as the other species we share our planet with.

Emancipating our natural environment from human domination would allow it, as an ecological state, to be able to protect itself from our misuse, which would allow it to evolve in a healthy and natural way that benefits all of us. This would politically empower our natural environment with life, liberty and justice from our own social institutions. Then the natural environment will be able to adequately present its own concerns to the human communities of the world that depend on it for their natural resources.


4 Responses to “Politically Empowering the Natural Environment”
  1. Jamie Eustice says:

    I am a very big environmental supporter. To me humans have caused way too much distruction to this beautiful world. I like the way you are addressing the issue but I do have some questions. If the environment were to have its own political entity, who is to decide its representation? We want the best protection possible for our environment seeing as it is what is going to decide the fate of humans eventually, but who is good enough to decide the laws and punishment for this ever so important part of human life? I agree in the aspect that our environment needs rules and regualtions and should be a seperate issue and that this needs to be done immediately but i dont quite understand how you plan to bring this about. Bringing it to its own seperate poilitcal entity will substantiate it’s importance and make more known but does this solve the problem? Education about the environment would be very useful, after all knowlege is power, but who brings about the change? This is what I am confused about. The idea of treating our environment with the respect it deserves, I am all for and the rest of the world should be too, but there are people who don’t understand or care to understand the environment and the effects of their waste, i say start by punishing those people and educating them on the very importance to their lives that they are ruining single handedly, such as big corporate pollution producing companies. This is a step toward the right track, I just need more detail to fully understand the means of your plan.

  2. Maya Berko says:

    I completely agree with this. our environment is our lifsource its our memories and our future and to not give it a voice is an injustice. Rights for every destruction- a sapling isplanted? anything to make reparations withe the planet we so thouroughly rely upon.

  3. Dale Tager says:

    You make a very valid point of giving the natural world political power. I do, however wonder, how this could be carried out. Maybe, instead of creating a whole political entity, it is wise to have all the worlds political entities focus on the natural world and their abuse of it and combine in a mutual effort to save it.

  4. Paula Gonzalez says:

    Art 101, Sec. # 7645
    This is a remarkable concept! I would have never thought to make the natural environment its own political entity. It makes complete sense to award the planet the proper rights for its protection. This is great way to really stop the abuse towards the environment and truly establish repercussions for our actions against it. After all, nature is a living thing that ensures our survival. It should be fairly represented to set forth a harmonious relationship between both parties.

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