An Ecological State

By issuing the natural environment with equal rights, we would be emancipating it from human domination and misuse.   Emancipating the biosphere would create an ecological state. The biosphere of the ecological state would also become a member of the natural resources state trust that would be holding it entrust for the entrusted resources state. In a world organized along entrusted resources state lines, their combined natural resources trusts would form a common ecological state among themselves.

The ecological state would act as the custodian of the combined natural resources that it would hold entrust. It would provide the natural foundation upon which the various political and social institutions of society would build upon. It would consist of the natural resources trusts of the many social and political institutions that would be holding them entrust.

Giving the natural environment its own state system would make it an ecological state that would be capable of representing its own interests. All natural resources would be a part of the ecological state that would represent them collectively. It would defend the natural environment from the abuses heaped upon them by the social institutions that want to use them.

It would have the ability to negotiate the use of its natural resources with the social trusts that wish to use them. This would provide the natural environment with a state of on its own that would allow it to protect itself. This would then allow the ecological state to act in it’s own behalf, beyond the dictates of the various social and political institutions that its natural resources would be entrusted to.

Everything within its natural state of existence would be considered a member of the ecological state. Therefore, each person with every other natural thing within a natural state of existence would also be considered a natural resource of the ecological state. Then we would all be protected from those institutions that would wish to do us harm by having membership within the ecological state. This would allow all of nature’s natural development to take place within a state of nature beyond the dictates of human interests.


3 Responses to “An Ecological State”
  1. Maya Berko says:

    This sounds wonderful, i would love to see this plan in effect and hear more about it.

  2. Jessica Delijani says:

    Turning into an ecologicl state would be beneficial in many ways because it would allow for people to become more aware of the neccesity humans have of nature. It would probabaly help us take better care of this world and unite to make the world better between organisms and our environemtn.

  3. Catherine Vileisis says:

    I think turning it into an ecological state would be more useful in many ways by allowing for people to become more mindful of the impact humans have on nature yet, how reliant on it we are for life. By turning it into an ecological state, it would help us appreciate this beautiful planet we live on and hopefully take better care of it for future generations to come.

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