Entrusting All Types of Relationships

Within the system that I propose, all relationships, social, political and natural would be entrusted relationships. As I stated previously, within my forth coming book tiled Cosmopoly I present my new system of Cooperativism in which all forms of social and political relationships would become entrusted relationships in which those entrusted to each other would be contractually obligated to one other for the life of their entrustment.

This also holds true for our relationship with our natural environment. Within Cooperativism the natural environment would have its own natural trust in which it would self-regulate its own natural resources. As a natural trust it would be a separate political entity that would be able to defend its own interests against the political and social institutions that want to utilize its natural resources.

Within an entrusted government system all relationships whether social, political or natural would be cooperative and would form either social, political or natural trusts depending on the nature of the type of trust that they would be entering into. Each trust would hold in trust the responsibility that each person or thing would have toward all of the other people and things that he or she would be entrusted with.


12 Responses to “Entrusting All Types of Relationships”
  1. Dawna Langford says:

    It sure would be a lot better of a world with a government like this one. I especially when it comes to the environment. How wonderful it would be for the planet and all life form on it.

  2. Ateka Husain says:

    ‘Entrusting All Types of Relationship’ is an amazing idea. It really takes nature as a vital part of human life along with social and political issues. The thought of monitoring people using nature resources would atleast make them aware of important role nature plays in our life. As a trust, it may attract the attention it needs at the moment.

  3. Angelo_Allen says:

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  4. Angelo_Allen says:

    I am glad my work could help you. There is more to come.

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  6. Angelo_Allen says:

    I am glad that my ideas were of help. Please stay in touch.

  7. Debt Relief says:

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  8. Angelo_Allen says:

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  9. Osama Shahzad says:

    Can you really trust others in an all entrusting relationship and system. Even if 99 percent of people were following this system and its supposed guidelines, in my opinion, that one percent of people would really mess things up for everyone else in the system. History shows us that humans try to grab power whenever available. In your idea of this entrusting society, how would you prevent people from trying and grabbing power for themselves and in turn turning corrupt…?

  10. Michelle Betancourt says:

    I do not think cooperatism would work because this would mean the all the systems would need to work in unison. I do not trust our society, especially when it comes to the natural environment. For example, we have very advanced technology and talented ecologist that have been telling us for years now that our world will not last forever and if we continue this pattern it will only speeding up the process. Yet, we continue to rape the natural world and try to modify everything genetically to make up for the mistakes we have made.

  11. Dianna Nomanim says:

    If only this was the way the government was handled. People lack the honesty to do something right when not being watched so if the government was to use their natural resources to keep tabs on people, people will realize how important this really is and how they really do need to start paying more attention and acting upon this.

  12. Brittiney Harde says:

    The Cooperativism idea sounds very good in theory. I like the ideas of the trust relationship. I also like the idea that you wrote stating that nature had the right to decide whether its natural resources to be used.

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