The Natural Environment as Natural Resources Trust

The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico is forcing me to contribute to the debate as to the rights of the natural environment and our responsibility to it. The natural world is held captive by us human beings according to our imagination of it. We see it as what we think it should be according to our relationship with it.

We see nature as being at our disposal. For us nature has always been our source of raw natural resources that allows us to physically realize our social reality. The raw natural resources of our natural environment are what we use to provide us with the physical infrastructure that gives our social realities a physical equivalent.  Since the natural environment is the source of all life on earth it must be the one that all of the other types of social environments would have to base their needs on.


10 Responses to “The Natural Environment as Natural Resources Trust”
  1. Alexander Bernabe says:

    In this world, everything is money. Us, regular people, think that this is a horrible human disasters but to the companies that own oil think as this as losing money. Right now, countries are fighting the rights to get oil in the north pole. Humans are the only species that can disturb nature; we can either destroy it or change it.

  2. Dawna Langford says:

    it is terrible the there is not better planning involved when pumping oil out of the ground in that deep of water. They should have better emergency shut off measures just in case there is a break in the hose like what happened. It is a shame that the environment has to suffer because of humans.

  3. Ateka Husain says:

    It is a human nature to act before thinking and that leads to distruction sometimes. We can’t act accordingly and be satisfied with what we have. To begin with, people really don’t seem to think of consquences. Instead of helping those people who are in loss due to this tragedy, Oil Companies are thinking of their profit. Earth is our home and no body set his/her home on fire. If we don’t do anything now, there will be nothing to do later reagarding this issue.

  4. Emily McPeek says:

    We treat the natural environment with such disdain. We have this crazy belief that resources such as oil will be around forever when we’ll only use it up as we have with various extinct animals. We are such a massive society, and we are so greedy; we expect the most amounts of energy and the most amounts of resources, and we expect no consequences. Besides that point, we are using this oil in the most effective way possible to destroying the rest of the planet. We need to be directing ourselves towards natural resources that are never ending, and untainting, like the sun. We need to be directing ourselves towards resources that help us in various ways; there has been a way discovered, which is being taking advantage of in Europe, to provide energy by burning garbage. We should be creative with all that is around us to create energy instead of succumbing to the ways of old and corrupt.

    Emily McPeek
    Pierce College
    Art 101, M Th, 1:00-2:35

  5. Dianna Nomanim says:

    Our environment is in a tremendous amount of danger. California has the worse air quality in all our country. However our government is not even acting on these issues. It seems as if California has so many problems at this point that everybody has forgotten about global warming and environmental health issues. But we as humans, having the pleasure to use all these resources, need to help save our environment. People need to pitch in more whether it’s a small act like learning how to recycle, or a real good deed like helping clean our beaches. Nevertheless, if everyone just put their trash in the right place instead of littering, and if they thought about the environment before they thought about how to make money, the world would be such a better place :-)

  6. Michelle Betancourt says:

    It really pisses me off that people have not changed there ways considering our natural resources are depleting. Americans seem to have this idea that as long as there is money everything will be fine. Money to pay geneticist to create our dinners for us or money to find fuel when we run out, but this is not healthy and it will not work forever. I am pleased to see that people are beginning to jump on the organic train with me not only for our health but for our earth. I do no think salmon was meant to be created in a lab or chickens getting injected with hormones. This is a problem, we have not been around enough to see the damage that these processes will do to our society.

  7. Jessica Jadali says:

    It is quite astonishing how people continue to disregard the affects of human behavior on the environment. It seems impossible to wrap their heads around the idea that the environment does NOT in fact cater to our needs, in reality we need to cater to its needs. Without certain environmental recourses such as oil, our society in a sense would come to a standstill. The environment is depleting rapidly and it is time for us as humans to save our planet and go green.

  8. jny h. says:

    Humans need to realize that nature is an important part of our existence. The more we humans evolve and advance in technologies, the farther our touch with nature becomes. At the same time this separation is mirroring our own separation to our human race. Eventually forgetting how it is that life is created will be our destruction.

  9. Muhammad Inshal Khan says:

    We as humans don’t really place any importance on the environment. Of course we like to see the beauty of nature, but what draws our attention even more is money. Sadly some of the methods of getting money involve harming the environment, but we have proven ourselves to be selfish species. Oil drilling is extremely dangerous to our entire surroundings, but it is also one of the biggest sources that keeps not only ours, but the entire world’s economy running. people are drawn in by the money, but sadly not everyone sees how they are doing their part in ending life on earth.

  10. Cassandra Oliphant says:

    And we live our daily lives as if it all doesn’t matter. We have grown so ignorant too, even with the realization that all these natural things are growing slimmer and slimmer by the day. The sad truth is that now, it’s a little too late to mend things. Such as the rainforests; where he rely on for paper and pencils. The ocean; what we rely on for fishing and sailing, even though it should really be left alone. Our own air; you look into the sky nowadays and all you can see is this gray haze, every day. I mean not to be negative, but that is how I see, really.

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