[x] Applying Government in a Box to Depressed Areas

The government in a box idea could be used to revitalize a community. The personal trustees together with their consumer and provider specialized trustees would pro-actively go to the people of a depressed area and place everyone into a labor pool. Their needs and capabilities would then be registered and allocated to those services most needed by the assessed situation.  The personal trustees would divide the people into groups that they would then politically represent.

They would each give their own members membership accounts consisting of four fundamental support subaccounts.   Each person’s membership account would consist of four fundamental support subaccounts needed to maintain themselves.   As holders of fundamental service subaccounts, people would either receive from or would provide for those that are to receive the services.

One type of fundamental subaccount would be to provide the necessary construction needed to provide the necessary housing. Another type of subaccount would be to supply the necessary foodstuffs. Still another type would be receiving the necessary schooling and training. And the last type of subaccount would be to have access to necessary health care. Then a community bank would be established to fund the accounts to promote the necessary economic activities between them.

The consumer and provider specialized trustees would determine the people’s needs and capabilities. They would place their people’s capabilities into a local labor pool that would be used to service the community. Once the fundamental services had stabilized, the people would go to their personal trustee for their various personal service needs and wants.

The personal trustees would link their people with the appropriate provider and consumer specialized trustees. They would bring their consumers and providers together by forming them into their own civil markets where they would manage the exchanges between them.

A person’s personal trustee would represent him or her to the consumer and provider specialized civil trustees that could provide them with their personal needs and wants.  These consumer and provider specialized civil trustees would bring their consumer’s needs together with their providers needs. To conduct their business with each other, they would form them into civil markets where they would voluntarily personally choose from one another the one best for themselves.


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  1. Samantha Safir says:

    The trustees and consumer model is a positive idea that could benefit and improve many communities .It would not be welcomed in the United States since it would be perceived as a communistic government controlled program. A lot of our citizens would rather die free and uneducated rather then be subject to government control. Shame..

  2. Melissa Constantin says:

    Revitalizing a community after such a drastic event is not easy. People’s lives are often completely ruined. They are sometime left to their own and completely ignored by the rest of the world. Placing everyone into a labor pool and trying to accomodate to everyone’s needs sounds like a great solution to me.
    The types of subaccounts are definitely much needed; construction for housing, foodsupply, schooling and training. It is almost like you need to rebuild that whole society. Everything that fell apart can be build up again, eventually, and the thread really shows that. Although not easy to accomplish, revitalizing the depressed areas is not impossible.

  3. Hannah Krubsack says:

    Hannah Krubsack, Pierce College, Art 101, M Th, 1:00-2:35

    Now this makes sense. Where areas are depressed, there would be deficiencies, or gaps and holes in the fabric of society. Government in a Box as an organizational model is one way of overlaying some structure in a situation where the existing structure is not quite whole.

  4. Angelo_Allen says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. Stay tune for more…

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