[x] Applying Government in a Box to the Haitian Crisis

I would like to thank my readers for indulging my absence from blogging due to pressing family matters. I feel that things have settled enough to where I can now continue my regular blogging.  I would like to continue with the idea of government in a box that I began in my previous blogs.

I would like to apply this idea of government in a box to the Haitian earthquake disaster.  Imagine that a group of people known as personal trustees would be introduced to Haiti. They would go into the community and divide its people into general groups each of which would be represented by their own personal trustee.

The personal trustees of each group would give their members a membership account.  Each membership account would consist of four fundamental support subaccounts for the basic support services needed by everyone.  A person’s subaccounts would provide each person with the basic services necessary to sustain themselves as well as their families so that they would be able to rebuild their lives.

The most essential fundamental subaccount would be the one that would be necessary to provide the construction required by the community. This would first require forming a labor pool from which it and all of the other support subaccounts would receive their own service providers and their consumers.

All persons would be issued with a consumer food subaccount that would allow them to consume foodstuffs. There would also be the issuance of food provider subaccounts for those members that could provide the necessary foodstuffs needed by the community.

Members of the labor pool could also receive the necessary schooling and training subaccounts needed for them to participate in various projects required by the community as well as those that they would need to provide for any new undertakings on their own. Some of the members of the labor pool would also be provided with subaccounts in order to provide the training needed by the rest of the community.

All members of the community, whether in the labor pool or not, would be issued with a subaccount that would give them access to their necessary health care needs. All of the members of the community would be collectively connected to their common community bank. This bank would fund all of the various subaccounts and civil accounts of the members of a community in order to promote the economic activities necessary between them.

After receiving their fundamental services in the form of their support subaccounts, the Haitian people would go back to their personal trustees for the servicing of their own personal needs and wants. Their personal trustees would connect them with consumer and provider specialized civil trustees that could provide them with the kinds of services that they personally needed.

These consumer and provider specialized civil trustees would register everyone’s needs and capabilities and divide them into their categories.  According to those categories they would also be organized to either receive their necessary services or to provide them to those that are to receive them.

They would form their consumers and their providers into civil markets designed to bring their consumer’s needs together with the providers that could service them. This would then allow them to voluntarily choose each other’s services and patronage.  These consumer and provider specialized civil trustees would protect their members’ interests for them by managing the exchanges made between them after they had been completed.


3 Responses to “[x] Applying Government in a Box to the Haitian Crisis”
  1. Samantha Safir says:

    It is a very good idea to apply this concept to Haitian disaster. The government in the box would really work well to rebuild Haiti. Hypothetically, since the this country has to start from ground zero it would be much easier to persuade people to embrace the new system.

  2. Hannah Krubsack says:

    Hannah Krubsack, Pierce College, Art 101, M Th, 1:00-2:35

    Yes, since government in a box provides complete governmental, civil and personal needs and wants, this is one sensible way to help the people of Haiti rebuild their lives. Plenty of things provided by Government in a Box are currently out of order, and in need of immediate replacement. Government in a Box provides that. The only question I have is – what if the Government in a Box building collapses?

  3. Emily McPeek says:

    What an intricate web of services. These accounts and subaccounts seem like the very thing to stimulate market in Haiti again, and it provides all the necessary goods and services to live off of. While everyone is being provided for, everyone is helping each other as well, and working due to the labor pools. Government in a Box seems to support the basic principals needed in a healthy, functioning society, and I’m sure that people will be open to it since they need to start anew. I hope this intricate web doesn’t tangle so easily.

    Emily McPeek
    Pierce College
    Art 101, M Th, 1:00-2:35

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